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I HATE Christmas? We have the solution!!!

I HATE Christmas? We have the solution!!!

Are you one of the many, many people who truly hate Christmas? Xmas, as it's known among those who are 100% fed up with the whole commercial craziness, enforced family affairs, endless advertising, well, every aspect of Xmas makes you want to throw up? Welcome, friend! We have the perfect solution for you. And know you're not alone in hating Christmas with a vengeance ...



The solution to the "I HATE Christmas!" problem is simple.

You don't have to hate christmas if you have Winter Solstice!

  • I offer you the wonder of the real midwinter festival - Winter Solstice.

It is magical, it is wonderful, it is REAL, not made up - there really is a moment when the longest night happens and from then on, the days become longer and the nights shorter.

There really is a moment when the Earth completes the furthest circuit from the sun.

This time has been celebrated for as long as human beings have looked up at the sky and figured out that this was happening every year.

The Christians hijacked this ancient, natural, meaningful festival and the advertising agencies who are the new religion of the ages hijacked it from them.

But we can go back to Solstice.

1. It's BEFORE Christmas. Usually around the 21st of December.

2. You can do your own thing to have a moment with the Universe and a real sense that everything is moving forward, in other words, you can have a real, bullshit free mystical experience of your own.

3. You can create your own ceremonies, rituals or simply, "This is what *I* do to celebrate the longest night!" and it will be fresh and right and new and proper.

Once you've done your Solstice celebration, you can relax and watch the rest of the Muppet Dance unfold around you with a measure of amusement. (Hopefully!)

If you haven't got any friends or any family, don't fret. Don't worry. Make your Solstive celebration a moment of re-connecting with the amazing Universe of which we are all a part.

Celebrate with the stars, or with the clouds. Light a candle. Take a moment to step away from all the bullshit of the ages and be a human who looks to the sky.

You are a child of the Universe.

Don't let the stress crazy bring you down.

I wish you a wonderful Winter Solstice experience.

With love,

StarFields x


Solstice Celebration Ideas for Modern Energy Magic folk here:

Also: - Don't let the title Christmas Spell put you off, it's a great spell you can do on Solstice instead!


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