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Runes Viking Futhark Runes

Runes Viking Futhark Runes

Viking futhark runes: Divination with runes, printable rune pictures, rune games and the meanings of runes with Starfields.

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Viking Futhark Rune Symbols - Runes & Meanings

viking rune othila
ansuz viking rune symbol
viking rune gebo
Rune Viking Futark Mannaz





Forward movement is an unfoldment that although it is coming from the past is unlike the past ever was.

Make sure the future is always new.

Communication, exchanging ideas and knowledge, widening horizons. In the exchange of gifts, both parties are enriched and a celebration takes place. Personal development, maturing, becoming more powerful with age and experience.
viking rune inguz
Rune Viking Futhark Nauthiz
viking rune perth
viking rune uruz





When two come together something is born that is more than the sum of its part but instead a complete third that is other than, and new. Getting ready for abundance to come, organising for a better future. Inspirational leaps of faith are required from the old into the new. Follow your heart. Active reality creation, making one's dreams practically come true. Pick up your tools and get going.

viking rune wonjo

viking rune fehu
viking rune algiz
viking rune eihwaz





Reality. When we open our self to see and experience all there is, we find that all there is, is bliss. Material abundance, wealth and prosperity. The material world has become a garden of Eden. New beginnings, seedlings coming out of their shells, new young growth heralds a whole new world. With your strong roots in the ground and your leaves and branches reaching up towards the sun, storms are but a part of life.
viking rune berkana
viking rune taiwaz
viking rune kano
viking rune jera





Elegance, lightness and beauty in outcomes and projects, from the first idea through all stages of growth and the final results. Will and action aligned in elegance and wisdom that seems like magic and is invincible in practice. Creative answers and divine sparks of inspiration. The miracle of renewal and the understanding of the waves and rhythms of nature in all ways as it moves forward on its path.
viking rune raido
viking rune hagalaz
viking rune laguz
viking rune ehwaz





Movement is the very nature and core of life. Move forward in thought, emotion and action towards your destiny. Evolutionary thresholds are being breached, and when they do, new and bright expansions arise. Even Flow is more than just breathing in and out. Life is ancient and immense. Seek the true beauty in all things. Communication and co-operation across many differences. Friendship and mutual support.
viking rune sowelu
viking rune isa
viking rune dagaz
viking rune thurisaz





Balancing the planes to step out of human made chaos and into the greater universe is a good thing to do at any time but especially NOW. What appears as inactivity or waiting is nothing of the sort, as the universe never stands still. Things are happening beneath the surface. It may seem like luck but is in fact knowing exactly where and when things are set up so success becomes easy. True reality has many layers and many aspects. Don't be afraid. Trust in the pure truth of your own experiences and feelings..
Viking Rune Game 1:

Print and cut out your own practice runes. Write the names & explanations on the back. Kids love this also, on a rainy day ... :-) Print Viking Runes

Viking Rune Game 2:

Download the Futhark Font and type out names of things and people using it. Then make a reading from the combination. See this article here.

The future is WHAT YOU WILL.

Viking Futhark Rune Symbols - Images & Meanings by StarFields



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