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Healing Spell For A Sick Cat/Healing Spells For Animals

Healing Spell For A Sick Cat/Healing Spells For Animals

Healing Spells For Animals?

I was just asked for a healing spell for a sick cat and there are two energy magic things I really recommend for animals:

Posted Oct 25, 2013 39,311 Reads Read Answer ...

A Spell For A Turtle Charm To Protect A Friend From Bullies

A Spell For A Turtle Charm To Protect A Friend From Bullies

An XTRA Magic subscriber wrote and asked for a spell to put on a turtle pendant necklace they had bought for a friend of theirs who was getting persecuted by bullies.

I immediately thought that was a brilliant choice as "Father Turtle" from the animal kingdom is a powerful guardian for protection, so I wrote a spell to go with it. This can be a simple spell or extended into a full magic ritual.

Posted Oct 4, 2010 54,940 Reads Read Answer ...

Magic Guardians For Home Protection

Magic Guardians For Home Protection

A really interesting and important part of magic revolves around magic guardians for protection of the home. A first choice for as long as humanity has been around is to use statues of animals to be magic guardians.

Of course, not every animal statue is magic, and not every magic statue is a magic guardian. Here's a report on a psychometry experience and some ideas of how to find and strengthen magic guardians of your own.

Posted Sep 9, 2009 53,322 Reads Read Answer ...

Healing Spell For A Horse

Healing Spell For A Horse

Jane writes::

Hi, please can you do a spell for my horse?

He is in his twenties and has Laminitis which affects the feet, causes great pain and can often be terminal.

Here is a shamanic spell or magic poem for all horses. Beautiful.

Posted Apr 9, 2008 20,992 Reads Read Answer ...
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