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Christmas Spell: Gifts That Money Can't Buy

Christmas Spell: Gifts That Money Can't Buy

Jerome asks: "Do you know any good Christmas Spells? It's Christmas Day and I feel like I want to do something magical, so a Christmas Spell would be just the job!"

Yes, I do. This is a great core energy magic spell based on The Gift and needs no ingredients other than yourself, and some simple stones. And you can do this at any time, not just on Christmas Day!


Christmas Spell: The Gifts That Money Can't Buy

1. Find a quiet space and make yourself mentally, physically and energetically comfortable and ready for magic.

2. Get a bag of stones and start placing them in front of you, one by one, dedicating each one to be the recipient of The Gift for this Christmas Spell.

You can line up stones to represent

  • Known people in your life (mum, dad, Aunt Mary, my friend Joe etc.)
  • Fantasy people (the rock star I fancy, a character from a fiction novel, a reality TV star I feel drawn to)
  • People-made entities (my business, my school, the Microsoft corportation, my football team, my political party, my favourite band etc.)
  • Global entities (the world, all of humanity, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the universe etc)
  • Metaphysical entities (an angel, a saint, a prophet, etc.)
  • Aspects of yourself (the three year old who didn't get what she wanted for Christmas, the person I will be next year who wants to be successful)

... or a mixture thereof.

Take your time, follow your heart, and you can have as many as you want.

3. Dedicate each stone to the entity you want to give The Gift to.

Hold the stone to your heart, close your eyes and say, "Dear stone, tonight you stand for (my friend Julie)." Kiss the stone to seal the intention and place it before you.

4. Arrange the stones in a pattern that pleases you, that feels right.

5. Now assume the Heart Position (both hands with the palms covering the spot in the centre of your chest where you would point and say, "This is me.")

Take three deep breaths in and out whilst focusing on the first of your stones. If necessary, say, "Dear energy mind, give me a gift for (my friend Julie)." Whatever comes to mind is the energy gift that will be transferred to the entity you are dealing with.

For example, let's say a rose garden came to mind in response to the question.

Take another deep breath and now move your hands from your heart of energy in a giving gesture towards the stone, as though you were transferring a ball of light, and at the same time say out aloud, "Dear Julie, my gift for you is a rose garden."

6. When you do this right, you can sense energy flowing out of your hands and towards the stone. Keep breathing deeply until you can feel the transfer is complete. Once that has happened, put the index finger of your leading hand to your lips and place a little kiss on it. Then touch the stone with your finger tip to seal The Gift.

It can be nice to have a glass of water handy to take a small drink in between each The Gift given.

When you are ready, do the next stone and continue until they are all done, and all The Gifts have been given.

Now you're ready for the final blessing.

7. This time, you are going to bless the entire array of stones all together, and simply give The Gift of your love.

As before, assume the Heart Position, take three deep breaths and let the power of love rise up in you. When you are ready, make the giving gesture, and say out aloud, "I bless you with my love."

The Christmas Spell of The Gift is complete.

Get a bowl of water with salt, and pick up each stone, one at a time, thank each stone, one at a time with a little kiss, then place it into the bowl of salt water. Take it outside for a day and a night so your stones are vibrant, clear and ready to use for the next spell.


And there we have it!

The Christmas Spell: The Gifts That Money Can't Buy

Some final tips:

Run through this energy magic sequence a few times before you do it for real.


Of course, you can do this energy magic spell at any time you want to send love, support, blessings, power, strength, luck, health or anything else to any kind of entity.

I recommend you do this often, even if only with one stone at a time when time is in short supply.

The more you do it, the better it gets and the more profound the results.


This is a great base spell, children can learn to do this easily, you need no ingredients than simple stones and it certainly is "good karma" all around.


This spell is also brilliant for New Year's eve, to send powerful positive blessings to those you love for the year to come. 


With special Christmas Blessings,

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