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Why Every Magical Person Needs Project Sanctuary

Why Every Magical Person Needs Project Sanctuary

I cannot imagine even trying to do magic without the extraordinary resources of Project Sanctuary.

Whether it is having a good relationship with your guardian angels, having reliable sprit guides that can advise and warn you too, having fantastic magic and healing habitats at your fingertips, or whether it is astral travel, psychic development or just knowing who you are as a magical person, Project Sanctuary is your one stop solution to more than a thousand times thousand questions, challenges and problems that naturally arise for magical people.

There is one single tool and technique that no magical person can possibly do without - and that is Project Sanctuary.

Project Sanctuary is the conscious method of entering the realms beyond and finding your way there without getting freaked out, lost in delusion or endangered by the strange entities that might be found there.

In truth, there are many realms beyond; and they are literally teeming with existences and beings of all kinds.

Flying The Planes - Project Sanctuary

Human beings have stumbled into these realms accidentally and haphazardly since the dawn of time, and it is true, those realms are strange at first, and there is much strangeness going on.

Also, people who stray into these realms and don't know what they're doing can get themselves hurt, can annoy the wrong entities, get the wrong end of the stick - big time.

Which is why many societies, religions and so forth have "forbidden" people to enter there, on the grounds that it's just too dangerous; but that's not the real truth, because that would be because there lies absolute freedom, escape beyond the control of societies and religions both, as well as actually, the truth itself.

Once a person has touched even a little tail end of a real truth, they can soon tell the lies and nonsense that people will try to feed you and use to control you from the cradle to the grave; and that makes shamans and magical folk who have DIRECT ACCESS to these realms near enough un-governable.

This has frightened those who wish to rule us and control us more than words can say, and so they've made it their business to do the best they can to keep people away from the other realms, one way or the other, even often without knowing what they were doing or why, as teachers and lecturers, priests and physicians become unwitting agents and border guards to make sure people never dream, never experience out of body travel, don't have new ideas, don't fantasize outside the realms of what they decree should be good for us.

The reason I am mentioning this is because we have brought up with tremendous barriers to entering into the other realms.

We've been told you go mad there, that devils live there who will suck out your soul, that you can't live a decent life with a family and find love if you go there, that is all hideous and dangerous and painful and, and and ...

But nothing could be further from the truth.

To be sure, if you step into the other realms quaking with fear, or with your mind addled by having taken drugs, or you are thrown there because of an accident or intense pain, a near death experience, trauma of some kind, yes, it's all going to be very frightening.

But then, EVERYTHING seems frightening to someone who is full of fear, and off their head with stress and paranoia; so the first thing we have to do is to calm right down, forget all that nonsense and the lies we've been fed about the other realms, and approach the whole thing calmly and with full expectation of a positive outcome.

Which is why I created Project Sanctuary.

The other realms are made from energy. They are liquid, flowing, and respond to us, reflect us in a way (which is why stressed, terrified people will always see demons everywhere, and happy, calm people discover that these things are actually far more like angels!) and they are definitely OTHER than what we're used to dealing with in the world of sticks and stones.

We need to learn how to understand that, remember that; how to conduct ourselves there first of all, and we need like children do, a protected environment in which to learn in safety.

That's what Project Sanctuary is - we build a first outpost of our own in those realms of energy, this other world of worlds, somewhere stable, something we can visit many times and learn how it all works, and how it's so different from what we're used to seeing in the hard.

We start by building a personal sanctuary, a place that we find attractive, each one of us, right here and now.

We choose a pleasing landscape, a good time of day, and we literally manifest a world of our own, a habitat as we call it, and it's all made from energy.

This is also the first time we play what we call The Classic Game, which is to create the perfect habitat for you right here and now, and this can't be done in any other way than by calling in the co-operation of your energy mind, the brain of your energy body and the aspect of us who lives in those other realms and knows them well already.

At first, we just create our landscape, our weather, our time of day, the vegetation, water and such and we build a house there in our first Sanctuary.

We put things in the house we like; we make gardens, or wild nature if that's what you want, and you can objects into your house, add swimming pools, stables for your horses, whatever you like really.

Unlike a fleeting daydream, creating your sanctuary over time, as you visit it again and again to be there, to play there, you are making a very stable thoughtform that remains, and there comes the time soon enough, when you notice that this isn't like a daydream, but that things are happening that you didn't do.

For example, on your last visit you might have put in a flowerbed of red roses; you return and they've been replaced with sunflowers.


And that's for many people the first time they really get it that they're not alone in their heads, in their lives, in this incarnation, that there is another intelligence that belongs to us and that did stuff, and here's proof of that.

That's your energy mind making itself known. How exactly that happens varies from person to person, but build your sanctuary and visit it, feel it, walk around in it and make it be real enough, and it always happens - a threshold has been breached and you have a first true communication with your own energy mind.

Now, you have an ally in the realms of energy, in those other worlds.

Now, you are on a path where you are going to start learning something, and really understanding something (like why the red roses didn't belong there, and the sunflowers were a much better choice!).

Now, you have a platform where in time, you can safely meet ancestral spirits, deities, guardian angels, animal guides, spirit guides and converse with them, ask them questions, learn more and more about the nature of the real universe which contains all these things that are deemed to be invisible, but which are absolutely there.

With even a basic sanctuary in place, you have a place to experiment with time and space.

You can make spells there and see how they work.

You can make scenarios and run them; you can learn about plants, crystals, aliens, anything at all.

You can ask your energy mind questions and receive answers.

At the beginning, you might not understand the answers and you'll have to ask further questions until you get it - but when you do, it's a fantastic feeling, electric, "Eureka!" moments that we call a threshold shift.

That's how you know you've learned something new, that you have changed, grown up - that you have evolved to the next level of understanding, to the next level of being.

Without a good working relationship with your own energy mind, and the ability to really understand the other worlds in a personal way, it is impossible to do proper magic.

Without being able to "read and navigate" the other worlds properly, by yourself, and in safety, you'll always be at the mercy of second hand information that may be faulty and lead you down the wrong path, or into danger.

So the very first and most important thing to do for anyone at all, and especially those who would like out to know more about THEIR OWN MAGIC is to create a sanctuary and start the process of learning about the other realms.

In learning about the other realms, you start to learn about yourself, and most of all, about your own energy mind and what it can do for you.

That's the most amazing, breakthrough of them all.

Once you know you have an energy mind, and even with the very first small communications between your conscious self and the energy mind, you'll never be truly lonely again.

You'll have a real path towards finding out about your own soul, your own destiny, and who you are as a person, but also as a real human being.

It's an extraordinary and extraordinarily beautiful thing and brings us into harmony with ourselves in a whole new way.

I started teaching people about Project Sanctuary in 1993, and I can only say that I myself was surprised just what a fantastic resource it is. How well it works, how absolutely priceless it is and what people go  and do with it once they know what to do.

I also recommend the book, Project Sanctuary. It is not just full of ideas on how to use your sanctuary and what to do with it and lots of examples, but it is also written in such a way as to encourage your energy mind to come forward and make it easier to get good results with Sanctuary from the word go. It also answers many of the questions and challenges that people face when they get started.

If you only ever buy one book in your life, make it Project Sanctuary.

To be sure.

With best wishes and who knows? We might one day meet on the astral planes :-) 





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