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My name is StarFields aka Silvia Hartmann.

I am half East Prussian Romany and half Hannoverian German and I have lived in England for the past 35 years.

I was born with a measure of magical talent and the ability to see and hear beyond.

Starfields owner of magic spells and potions

I have used my skills over the years to design more human-friendly systems of learning, creativity, psychology, healing and personal development which has kept me busy.

Magic is in my blood and in 2004, I started this website so I could become more directly involved in magic again - the business of down to Earth having magic be a part of your daily life, not something you leave for "the magic circle" of meditation, ritual, or Thursday afternoons only.

You can read about my story in magic here.

Apart from a researcher, I am also a writer, musician and artist; all those things have in common that they are POWERED BY MAGIC.

In my opinion, magic comes directly from the soul, and the soul is the center of the psychic circuitry - that part of the human system that is responsible for all things magical, no matter how that plays out, and no matter if you do your magic as a witch or magician, a fortune teller or psychic, or as a psychologist, a programmer, a mother or a scientist.

And this is the last thing I'd like to tell you here in this short introduction:


You might have heard a lot about magic being used for evil, or to hurt other people, or to gain an unfair advantage and all of that.

That's not magic's doing, that's the doing OF PEOPLE.

You can take a beautiful bird and then beat someone to death with it; and it'll be horrible, but how is that the beautiful bird's fault?

It's people being crazy yet again ...

Magic itself is totally pure. It is beautiful, exotic, and makes everything it touches more exciting, richer, deeper, wider, more astonishing, and also more nourishing and enriching in every way.

Bringing more magic into your world is wondrous and indeed, people are made for magic.

Doesn't matter if you call it being spiritual, or being enlightened, it's all the same in the end - discovering your own soul, and through your own soul, discovering the multi-faceted, multilayered TRUTH and INFINITE BEAUTY that is reality absolute.

EnJOY your magic and it will sing and dance for you.

Treat it lightly and play with it like an innocent child would and it will come to you and bring you wonderful gifts, riches and surprises.

Learn to let go of fear and look magic in the eye - and you see God itself looking back at you, and it is smiling.

No hells, no horrors, no hideousness, the truth is that in the end, there is only love.

In this spirit, may you find many blessing on your path and journey,




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