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12 Gifts - Winter Solstice Meditation

12 Gifts - Winter Solstice Meditation

12 gifts solstice meditiation

A winter solstice meditation - just like a lucid dream, if you can make it real, is IS real, and real magic, at that.

Here is a special ย Winter Solstice Meditation for you to enjoy that will bring you closer to your friends, guardians and angels and if you allow yourself to step inside, then you will really receive 12 beautiful gifts that will bring you joy, and more besides - enjoy!

Happy Solstice, everyone!!!

ย Click HERE to listen to the 12 Gifts Solstice Meditation - use decent headphones! And don't use whilst driving or when you need your wits about you. It's a meditation!

Guided Meditation with Silvia: 12 Gifts mp3

12 Gifts - 12 x The Gift, A Solstice Meditation by StarFields

12 Gifts

Imagine ...

... you are walking in a place that is crystalline, yet very soft; dark yet full of energy and coloured lights; cool with reason yet warm with life, and love of life.

Sparkling mists and shiny snowflakes surround you.

Your footsteps are entirely silent, yet each one does resonate and swirls the mists around you, makes the tiny lights spark brighter - you are like a a storm of lights as you walk lightly, and in delight.

Ahead of you there is a structure, just discernible but standing strong, it is a kind of personal cathedral, beautiful and so precisely made for you that you can't help but recognise it right away - this place is yours, and its a meeting place where you can go and where your friends of old, your guardians and angels come to see you, touch you and exchange the gifts you have for one another.

On this occasion, and as you enter through a rainbow curtain, crystalline delight and sparkling sounds that are as fresh and vibrant as champagne, there's no-one here but you, but you can feel them watching, smiling, full of love and in anticipation, for they have left you gifts, and then they left and hid so they can see you open and accept these gifts they gave to you.

And knowing this, you start to smile as well and now move quickly to the central room, high vaulted, full of lights and wonderful existence, and there you see a tree of lights, a tree of life or so they say, and at its base you see the gifts the friends of old and angels left for you - 12 gifts in all today - and you are laughing in delight, your heart beats faster with excitement as you look up and feel the watching friends and know that your delight is their delight and all the thanks you'd ever need to give them.

12 gifts, each one came from a special place, each one a very special something that was wrapped with love, each a surprise, each gift is something you did never think to ask for, yet these gifts will lift you, bring you joy and peace, and more than that beside, each one a miracle, each one a feeling, something new and wonder-full.

Now take your time and open all your gifts, one at a time, and take a time to play with every one; and you will find a way when you are done, to take these gifts and take them home, make them your own, and use them well in days to come, in nights, in gratitude received.

ยฉ SFX December 2008

Guided Meditation with Silvia: 12 Gifts mp3

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