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Winter Solstice Spell

Winter Solstice Spell

Winter Solstice is on December 21st and a very special time for a very special spell. Here is an extremely powerful Winter Solstice Spell which can be done by a single person without any spell ingredients of any kind; this Winter Solstice Spell can also be performed in a group or coven. You can do this Winter Solstice Spell indoors and outdoors; and the basic energy magic of this can also be evoked at any time of the year. One of my personal favourites, enjoy!

Winter Solstice Spell

Winter solstice is a wonderfully magical time; and the night of the furthest drifting, the night of the million suns, is the perfect time for a truly magical Winter Solstice Spell.

A spell is a journey; always a journey of discovery, a communication with the all-there-is, and that is always holy, always as magical as we can let it be.

Oftentimes, ingredients and ritual can be more of a hindrance than a help.

A heartfelt wish at the right moment, in the right place, is worth a thousand complicated traditional spells and rituals, and when we engage our heart, bring our emotions into play, each one of us can create magic moments beyond a spell spoken in haste or as an afterthought.

For this Winter Solstice Spell, you don't need any ingredients, no herbs, no candles - nothing else, just you and the awesome multiverse getting to know each other a little bit better.

You can do this Winter Solstice Spell inside in meditation, or outside in physicality; one isn't necessarily better than the other but it is the experience that counts.

I'm going to describe this Winter Solstice Spell/experience for the physical version; if you choose to do the spell inside, you will have to be able to create an autogenic reality in meditation, step into that and then follow the same process.

1. Stepping Away From Every Day

This means to find a time and place where you can be by yourself, on your own, away from noisy neighbours and muppety disruptions of any kind. If you are in the Western hemisphere, dress warmly and prepare to go outside on the holy Winter Solstice Night and commune with the all-there-is, with the infinite velvet space and the stars.

2. Greeting The Night

Take some time to breathe deeply and raise your eyes to the sky. See/feel/know/sense the stars even if you cannot physically see them; and importantly, see/feel/sense/know the wonderful space of cool, clear darkness that lies between them, an open space of freedom that doesn't end.

Extend your arms and offer your heart to the night, say/think/evoke:

"Night, I greet thee."

3. Giving To The Night

Now, let your hopes and fears, one at a time, rise up in you. Feel it strongly in your body and allow those emotions, thoughts, problems, needs, wants to come, freely for once, no hindrance, no attempt to hold them down or hold them back.

Let each one come out of you - out of your heart, out of your mouth, out of your head, out of your hands, out of your whole body and be drawn up into that velvet space of night that has space for them all, that will draw them up and away, for the higher powers to know.

Give the night both your hopes and your fears; let it flow freely and take as long as you need until all the hopes and fears have taken wing and have gone to the night, and you feel light, free, expansive and easy.

4. Receive From The Night

Now, open yourself to the night, the stars, the stellar music of the spheres and beyond and let their blessings rain upon you.

Don't try to understand with your mind, simply breathe in deeply, arms wide open in acceptance, drawing in the blessings and the knowledge of the night.

When you are complete, thank the night and give all your love and gratitude; and so, the Winter Solstice Spell is complete.


Winter Solstice Spell Prayer

There are those
who fear the night
there are those
who don't see light
from a thousand million suns
since the multiverse began
rain upon us purest light
radiance fine and radiance bright
blessing us with starlight's song
bring the new and heal the wrong
velvet darkness old and wise
draws up all into the skies
let your hopes and fears now flow
to the heavens, make it so
give all to the starry night,
let what once was wrong be right
when you flow so crystal clear
starlight's music you can hear
starlight messages you sense
from the world which never ends
from the realms of beauty free
bringing stellar harmony
now to you, and now to me,
lifts us, loves us, lets us see
universal tapestry
wonder filled infinity
living light awakes in me
so it is,
so shall it be.


SFX December 21st, 2011





Based on Greeting The Day, Greeting The Night

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