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Quick Numerology Divination

Quick Numerology Divination

Here is a quick online numerology divination game - throw the dice and learn about influences of past, present and future.

Note: A fresh "magic dice" has been installed today so good fortune to all and may you have happiness and joy on your path. x


Throw the dice three times.

The first throw is for the past.

The second is for the present.

The third is for the future.

Add up your 3 numbers in the numerology way (2 + 3 + 5 = 10 = 1+0 = 1) to get the final number.

Your final number describes a deep set of personal long term goals and journeys you need to pay more attention to, and a direction in which to go.

* Please note that in numerology higher numbers are not "better" than lower numbers or vice versa.


1: New beginnings, new ideas, new futures.

2: Achieving balance, relationships, distances to travel, awakenings

3 : Expansion, growth, adventure, learning

4: Practical achievement, ideas manifest, harvesting

5: Freedom, change, choice, evolution

6: Wisdom, intelligence, exploring the other realms

7: Magic, creativity manifest, expressing the spiritual in physical form

8: Balance, justice, prosperity, stability, continuity

9: Love, strength, philosophy, knowledge, power

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