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Gem Stones & Crystals Meanings

Gem Stones & Crystals Meanings

Fascinating article and collection on gem stone properties with a magical twist, incl. the top magic crystals and gems, info on gemstones for birth monts, vibrational properties of gem stones and a nice finger to gem attribution chart.

Updated 2017 with "My favourite crystals for magic."


Magical & Vibrational Properties Of Gem Stones

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My Favourite Crystals & Gems

These are the "must have" crystals and gems for every magic person.

Clear Crystal Quartz

Clear Quartz

Pure electric energy, powerful charge, single minded, unstoppable, never ending.

For: luck, success, business, work, having more energy, keeping at it, never giving up, moving forward in life.

Against: confusion, feeling lifeless, no emotions, no opportunities, no friends and all things "no."



Citrine Crystal

Golden Citrine

Bright, sunny, bubbly, rich, happy, golden, sunshine energy.

For: Happiness, easy life, having fun, luxury, enjoyment, holiday energy.

Against: Hard work, overwork, stress, feeling oppressed, feeling trapped, and general misery.



Magical Amethyst

Mystical Amethyst

Gentle power, soothing, thoughtful, calm, spiritual protection, spiritual energy.

For: Calming overactive energy, releasing the past, clarity on life's purpose, soul healing, soul protection

Against: Spiritual pain, deep distress, bereavement, life fears, soul loss.



Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The pure power of quartz gentled, calmed, made friendly, sensual, physical, grounded.

For: love, romance, passion, sensual happiness, body love, angelic attractor.

Against: Negative energy, negative body beliefs, body stress, loneliness



Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Dreamtime, ancient power, protection, strength, focus, guardian energy

For: Psychic strength, wisdom, clarity, stability.

Against: Weakness, powerlessness, being scared, being bullied, victimhood, feeling alone.



Starry Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Star energy, deep nights, endless realms, deep wisdom, truth energy.

For: High spiritual gain, connecting with higher powers, joy of the universe, star power

Against: Muppetism (Muggleism), short sightedness, money/muppet stress, every-day misery



Magical Opal Moonstone

Magical Opal

Magic moonstone, creativity, bright futures, inspiring, soul energy.

For: Beauty, radiance, attracting good experiences, spiritual development.

Against: Being ordinary, feeling worthless, feeling depressed, feeling hopeless.



Bright Aquamarine


Young, bright, fresh, youthful, clearing, cleansing, uplifting energy.

For: New ideas, fresh starts, putting the past behind you, young at heart.

Against: Feeling stale, feeling old, no energy for life, no love of life.



Amber Magic

Amazing Amber

Soothing, gentling, smoothing, healing, time healing, gentle protection, soul power.

For: Soothing/smoothing the entire aura, effortless progress, feeling at home in time, feeling loved and cared for.

Against: Stress induced panic, anxiety and madness; feeling overwhelmed by life, time problems, life problems.


Learn more about Amber Magic




Agate is the peacock of the mineral kingdom - fantastic!
AGATE - Strength & Courage

Aventurine - or is that Adventurine? :-)

AVENTURINE - stimulates opportunity and motivation.

Pale green amazonite - subtle but actually very nice indeed.

AMAZONITE - encourages faith and hope.

Purple Amethysts

AMETHYST - stimulates intuitive awareness.

More about Amethyst

Aquamarine crystal gem - beautiful! Calming, delightful - one of my favourites.


Blue Azurite - heavenly!

AZURITE - stimulates mental powers.

Chrysocola mineral

CHRYSOCOLA - calms emotional sPess.

Malachite Pyramid - Green with swirls, lovely!

MALACHITE - stimulates mind power.

Clear quartz crystal

CHRYSTALS - generate energy

More about quartz crystals.

Raw and cut emerald

EMERALD - promotes creativity, stimulaes Puth.

Dark Green Jade

JADE - for practicality and wisdom.

Jasper Mineral Gem Stone Cabochon

JASPERS - emotional security, protects against sPesses.

Black Jet Gem Spheres

JET - prevents depression.

Lapis Lazuli - Gold and Blue ... Beautiful!

LAPIS - wisdom and Puthfulness.

More about Lapis Lazuli

Black Obsidian Gem Stone

OBSIDIAN - potection.

More about Obsidian.

Green Peridot Crystal

PERIDOT - balances, wards off emotional stress.

Beautiful cut ruby - aaah ...

RUBY - strengthens immunity, gives courage.

Tiger's eye gem stone

TIGER'S EYE - helps to broaden vision.

Beautiful Topaz cut gem

TOPAZ - for creativity, communication, regeneration.

Turquoise Mineral Gem Stone

TURQUOISE - strengthens entire body and enhances meditation.

Copper mineral in natural form

COPPER - prevents a negative attitude.

Gold mineral embedded in quartz

GOLD - promotes self acceptance.

Silver Mineral & Silver Metal

Silver - powerful energy flow.

More on the Magic Properties of Metals



JANUARY - Onyx, Quartz, Beryl, Jet, Garnet, Obsidian ((Gold-Silver))

FEBRUARY - Blue Sapphire, Lapis, Aquamarine, Amethyst ((all Metals))

MARCH - Diamond, Turquoise, Jade, Tourmaline, Bloodstone ((Silver))

APRIL - Ruby, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Coral, Diamond ((Gold, Bronze))

MAY - Emerald, Golden Topaz, Lapis, Azurite, Agate ((Silver, Gold, Copper))

JUNE - Crystal, Aquamarine, Alexandrite, Beryl, Pearl ((Gold, Silver))

JULY - Ruby, Moonstone, Pearl, Green Tourquoise ((Silver))

AUGUST - Amber, Sardonyx, Ruby, Peridot ((Gold))

SEPTEMBER - Pink Jasper, Rhodochrosite, Azurite, Sapphire ((Gold))

OCTOBER - OPal, Fire Agate, all Agates, Tourmaline ((Gold))

NOVEMBER - Topaz, Garnet, Coral, Ruby, Zircon ((Gold, Silver))

DECEMBER - Amethyst, Malachite, Zircon, Turquoise ((Silver, Gold, Copper))



RED - stones promote strong physical and emotional energy.

PINK - stones influence self-esteem and supports a loving attitude.

ORANGE - stones stimulate motivation, goal and direction focusing.

YELLOW - stones stimulates communication.

GREEN - stones balance and act as an emotional soother and general healing.

BLUE - stones influence the intellect and creativity.

PURPLE - stones help with sensitivity and intuitiveness. brings power.

BROWN - stones bring security, stability, prevents fears and stresses.

BLACK - stones bring protection from invading or intruding energies.



  • Directional stones for your POINTER OR INDEX FINGER.

Lapis Lazuli - for personal wisdom.

Shells, Mother of Pearl, Garnet, Moonstone to stimulate love of self.

Carnelian - for goals, actions and achievements.

Silver - for personal enhancement and performance.

Peridot - for spiritual transformation.

Watermelon Tourmaline - to direct to a balanced future.


  • Intuitive stones for the MIDDLE FINGER

Amethyst - for creativity and inspiration.

Crystals and Sapphires - to inspire higher goals and directions.

Ruby - to enhance self beauty.


  • Creative stones for the RING FINGER.

Diamond - for love ties.

Emerald - to stimulate creativity and new ideas.

Tiger's-Cat's eye - to focus creativity in the right directions.

Moonstone - to express love.

Turquoise - to combine intuition with practicality.

Opal - to stimulate your humanitarian goals and actions.


  • Change agents for your LITTLE FINGER

Pearls - for better organizational habits.

Turquoise - to relax the mind and nervous energy.

Aventurine - to bring new opportunities.

Gold - to bring love into your life.

Amethyst - for healing and letting go of the past.


 Top Crystals & Gems | Gem Stone Properties | Birth Month Crystals & Gems | Vibrational Properties of Crystal & Gem Colours | Gem Stones For The Fingers


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