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Amber Magic - The Magical Properties of Amber & Copal

Amber Magic - The Magical Properties of Amber & Copal

Amber and its young version, copal amber, are amongst the most fascinating magical substances on Earth.

Here are the magical properties of amber and copal, ideas on how to use the unique magical qualities of amber, an amber energy dancing video and links to amber charms for healing, protection & activating the psychic circuitry, and an amber story.


Amber Magic:

The Magical Properties Of Amber


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One of the most magical substances that exist in our world - far more magical than even diamonds with their tightly packed lattices - is amber.

Let's start at the beginning - amber comes from trees, we all know that. But let us contemplate and tune in properly.

The Healing & Protective Nature Of Amber

The organic resin that eventually becomes amber is the tree's blood - it is what a tree uses to seal injuries in its skin and repair itself.

  • Right here, at the very origin of this extraordinarily magical substance, built into its very structure, is the HEALING INTENTION - to repair that which was broken, to shield against incursions and protect from infection, to give the tree a chance to put right what once went wrong as it restores itself from the inside out.

This original healing, protective, antiseptic, restorative intention is at the very core, is the very essence of all amber, all resin, and it is one of those energetic imprints that is so powerful, and so pervasive through the structure of the amber that it cannot be changed or perverted in any way.

Unlike stones and crystals, which are so easily imprinted with all manner of energy forms and magical intentions, amber with its existence of protection and healing can ONLY do that - that is amber's nature, what amber is all about.

As such, amber is a magical substance that even absolute beginners can use, or those who have no magical talent at all; it is superbly safe, always protective, cannot be perverted into anything else, and that is why people used to make tiny necklaces and teething toys for babies out of amber because it is so safe and so highly active in protection against the invisible things.

In and of itself, that is already amazing enough and makes all forms of resin and amber into a true gift from the green kingdom; but then, there is the time aspect.


Amber & Immortality

Amber is an organic substance that can last for millions of years WITHOUT CHANGING greatly in any way.

Take a moment to consider that, to really get a sense of how unlikely that is - that there should be a substance such as tree blood which can last for millions of years, without turning to stone, without turning to dust, without ever essentially changing what it looks like, feels like, what it IS in its structure?

How amazing is that?!

It is no wonder that amber has been super-highly prized as a magical substance by all civilisations of old; it is only very recently that folk have come to confuse it with a bit of plastic and fail to grasp the power of amber, and the influence it has on the wearer.

There is even more to amber than just the powerful healing/protective intention at its structure and its immutability across the ages.


Amber & The Energy System

The Greeks noticed that when you rub a piece of amber over a cloth, something strange happens - electricity is generated.

The Greek word for amber was "elektron" - rings a bell?

Amber is "electric" - it is alive, still, and active.

And that is the greatest news, because amber acts directly on the human energy system, and at the wider levels, on the psychic circuitry.

I call amber "honey for the energy system".

Amber soothes, calms, eases blockages, enlivens empty places - and all of that with the original healing and protection intention that is right inside its deepest structure.


My great aunt, a gypsy from East Prussia, told me how in the spring after the great storms, as a child she and the entire family would walk the shores of the Baltic sea to collect amber, to fashion into magical objects they could wear and trade.

So it is no wonder that I have a strong personal resonance with amber, and an affinity to natural, sea smoothed amber in particular; but there are actually two very different kinds of amber, and this is extremely important for energy magic application.


Copal Amber - "Young" Amber

"Real" amber is millions of years old; but there is also another form of amber, young amber. Young amber is called copal, and when I first encountered this I totally fell in love with it.

Real amber is fantastic, but it does have that ENORMOUS age behind it, experience and wisdom which makes it a little difficult to deal with for beginners.

Copal, on the other hand, is YOUNG, and that is the operative word and importance of using copal amber in magic charms and potions.

It is still far more alive in many ways, far closer to our own states of being as it is on its road into the many millions of years that are its future; it is like copal amber offers a bridge between us now, and the infinity of time where our souls reside.

The young copal is friendlier, lighter and brighter; and together with the absolute healing/protection of all resin and amber, this YOUTH is what reacts with the energy system of a human being and brings re-charging as well as that expectation of eternal life at the same time.

Magic charms made from copal amber are exactly what the energy and spirit doctor ordered for today's worn out, stressed and despondent 21st century Westerners to bring life, youth, healing and protection to the energy system, and especially to the frazzled psychic circuitry.

Whether you meditate with copal; add it to potions, use a piece of copal to gently massage areas of your body that need rejuvenating, healing and loving; or wear a copal amber charm for protection and give your energy system a boost, young amber is truly a gift of nature to us all.


February 2010

Amber Energy Dancing Video

De-stress, relax, energize, come to life with the energy of amber and energy dancing.


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amber magic - magical properties of amber



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