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Protection Against Negative Energy

Protection Against Negative Energy

Dear SFX,

Please help me and tell me how to avoid other people's negative energy?

I can't avoid this someone with lots of negative energy, because he's my teacher and I have to meet him in the class. What kind of protection can I use? Thank you.


* Answer to this plus some other tips on protection against psychic attacks and psychic vampires.

Dear Robin,

I know that in theory we're supposed to be connected to everything and see the light in everyone, sure, sure, but such people are really bugging when you have to deal with them, and it's best to put them into a form of astral quarantine.

In a moment, sit back, close your eyes and let a movie of this guy floating in a dark blue space come to you. Have him be quite a way away so he's quite small but not so small you can't make out who it is.

Now, imagine creating a bubble of energy around this man, like a shiny soap bubble but with strong, flexible walls, trapping him and his negative energy inside, so it reflects right back on him.

Bring him in the bubble close. If you can still feel anything negative seeping out, make the bubble stronger and thicker; add some more colours to the surface to make sure nothing escapes at all.

When you're done, let the bubble float away and open your eyes.

That's the main procedure done.

Every time you think of him, check the bubble and make sure it remains stable; and in class when he is there in person, put on some shades and REALLY work on perfecting that bubble around him. If you can get some friends to do the same, the more, the merrier.

This will contain his negativity so he can't not only not influence you, but anyone.

Also work on your own aura/protective bubble.

Check out if there are any holes in it and make sure it is RIVERSMOOTH all the way.

Keep stroking it with your attention so it really is perfectly smooth and flowing. Say in your mind, say loudly, RIVERSMOOTH to get used to that instruction. That's a very, very useful thing for all sorts of circumstances.

Practise makes perfect, keep at it, it gets better and better!

Good luck and a starry blessing,



NB: How do I know if I have holes in my protective aura?

Close your eyes.

Breathe out long and slow a few times until you can feel your self relax.

Extend your hands until you get a sense of where your own protective astral skin is located.

Just trace all the way around what should be a near perfect sphere and note if there are any places that seem weak, or where painful stuff can and does come into your inner sanctum.

If you have found such a place, use your healing hands to stroke the area until it feels better, closes up, becomes smooth again.

As before, adding some more colours to your aura can bring it to life and make it more shiny, stronger, more attractive AND more strongly defensive at the same time.

Excellent practice for beginners in magic.

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As this is such a popular topic with so many questions asked about psychic defense against magic attacks, psychic vampires and just plain people who do your energy system no good at all, here are a few more handy tips.

An old, simple but very effective Gypsy trick is to wear a mirror on your person, over your heart preferably (as tucked into your breast pocket or close to your heart).

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Practice encasing yourself in a protective bubble we call RIVERSMOOTH. It's a flowing, shiny, reflective sphere that is all around you and flows away outside influences, keeping you safe and clear inside. With practice, that can make you near enough invisible (like a mirror in a forest).

RIVERSMOOTH is also good for use in arguments and tricky situations because you're not butting auras with the other person; whatever they are throwing at you just flows away. Can't recommend practicing that one highly enough; with practice, you can extand it to protect other people, your car, your house or whatever else needs this kind of protection.

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For some types of psychic attacks, I use The Ancient Guardians. East, West, North South - call the Ancient Guardians to arise and protect you. Very nice indeed and most soothing. I call them with a song which you can use as well.

Ancient Guardians Spell Song For Psychic Protection

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Finally, one of the most powerful protection for your psychic circuitry and your energy system in total is your own heart of energy. When it works, it acts like the sun and will burn up all manner of rubbish that gets too close. It also powers all the layers and levels of your aura and is the best protection overall. If you have had your heart broken at some time, or feel downhearted, have lost heart, this protection is absent and can leave a person feeling very vulnerable.

Use the Heart Healing spell to re-ignite your heart of energy and make it strong. Focusing on your heart of energy, asking it what its true "heart's desires" are and what you can do to make your heart happier is a very, very good thing to do and has lots of benefical repercussions across the board, psychic protection is only one of them.

You can find the Heart Healing spell here:


Sending you a brightwhite star of power,

StarFields 2013

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