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Soul Protection - Ancient Guardians

Soul Protection - Ancient Guardians

Of all the spells on Magic Spells & Potions, this protection spell evocation has had the most grateful feedback. It was tucked away in the "protection against psychic attacks" section but The Ancient Guardians deserve their own space so those who need protection against the dark magic can find them.

Protection spell song against magic attacks, dark magic, black magic, to keep a young soul safe - The Ancient Guardians by Starfields.

Soul Protection (against magic attacks) This soul is protected by the Ancient Guardians.

Play the Ancient Guardians protection evocation at any time you feel you are under psychic attack (magic attack) to evoke your own personal Ancient Guardians. 

I recommend learning the spell song by heart so you can sing it for yourself, but also to others who might be in need of this.

This is a deep structural piece of primal energy magic with many benefits.

Creating a safe space for young souls to rise and grow,

Starfields x


Play the protection spell here - right click to download mp3 for free. With my compliments. 

Ancient Guardians - Protection spell song against magic attacks, dark magic, black magic.


 Note: If this direct link doesn't work (MP3 is 7.10 mins long!) you can hear it on Youtube here:


People keep asking me about the text for Ancient Guardians. Here it is:


Far away
surround you
Ancient guardians
rising in the East
rising in the West
rising in the North
rising in the South

Ancient guardians
they protect you
now there's nothing
left to fear
all your fear
can drain away
Ancient guardians
now hold sway

They protect you
in the day
Ancient guardians
now hold sway

Ancient guardians
old and wise
Ancient guardians
from starry skies

Many more than you can see
Ancient guardians
arise for me.

Ancient guardians
they protect
they take care
of all things invisible
create a space for you
to rise, unfold and grow
Ancient guardians
will keep you safe

Ancient guardians
will keep you safe

Ancient guardians
with all their love
have come to you from
the stars above

Have come to you from
the stars below
will protect you
and this is so.

This is so ...

         Starfields 2015



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