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The Heart Healing Spell

The Heart Healing Spell

Heart Healing - this is one of the most important topics I know. A broken or damaged heart of energy is a very dangerous thing to our physical health, the clarity of our thinking and of course, there are the terrible emotional pains of bereavement, loss, suffering, depression. The following spell has been tried and tested by tens of thousands of people all over the world, men and women alike, and it WORKS. Comes with a free mp3 download.

The Heart Healing Spell

The heart of energy is the nuclear generator of the human energy system, and all health, mental well being, emotional well being depends on it absolutely.

Not only does a well functioning heart of energy help to make us strong, joyful and extremely powerful in our thoughts, actions AND our magic, it is also the ultimate MAGIC PROTECTION device against all evil doers and ill wishers. The heart of energy works like the sun - if it is burning brightly and strong, it simply burns up everything that comes close and uses it for fuel. Like our own sun, it thereby protects the entire "solar system" of our energy bodies from harm, as well as generating the energy we need for being strong, happy and proactive in life.

Both being extremely radiant and "attractive" to others, as well as being powerful, safe and strong and having a solid center of self, high self esteem and good results in your plans and activities, the heart of energy is the very best place to start a real regeneration of life - in a very real and practical sense.

The good news is that even when we are feeling weak and vulnerable because our heart was broken, or damaged in the past, even repeatedly, we can do something about this.

We all have healing hands of energy (not just the flesh hands you can see!) and we can SELF HEAL a broken or damaged heart of energy.

Especially when energy and power are in short supply, what little energy we have can be channelled DIRECTLY to our own heart of energy and there it does the most good, because the heart of energy fuels just about everything else. This generates more life force, which in turn can be used to further restore, heal and nourish the heart of energy.

This sets up a virtuous circle, because once the heart starts working again, we immediately feel a lot better and we are better able to process then all other incoming nourishing energies - from people, from the land, from animals, from minerals, from everywhere, in fact. Then our energy systems start flowing properly, and we are able to generate and use a lot more energy for our lives and loves.

Doing this simple Heart Healing spell three times a day (just like you would take a prescription pill), morning, noon and night for 9 (3x3) days WILL significantly improve your energy flow and your health and happiness if you are suffering; I also recommend to use this spell at any time you experience a real "heart ache", because that is your sign that your heart of energy needs attention, and to make sure it gets the energy it needs to stay healthy.

The heart healing spell is also available as a free MP3 download from - Heart Healing.


Place both your healing hands flat on the center of your chest, take a deep breath and speak the following words:



The Heart Healing Spell

I place my own healing hands

on my own dear heart

with the gentleness

and with exquisite care;

the care I would afford

a tiny frozen bird

I found here on my doorstep.


Here, with my gentle healing hands

my touch brings warmth and life;

to right what once went wrong;

to heal what once was broken.


Fear not, my love.

I will do all I can do for you.

For sure, I am no angel

but what I have to give,

I give to you.


StarFields 2003




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