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Make Your Own Magic Toys!

Make Your Own Magic Toys!

Modern Energy Magic is more primal and far more personal than many of the old, complicated and convoluted systems. Making your own magic "tools" which we call "toys" is an essential part of this. Here are some ideas and inspirations to get started to make your own unique magic toys.

See some examples of my own magical toys here:

Stargate magic objects from Silvia's Magic Toys


Make your own Magic Wand - That's the first thing most people who are interested in practising magic will make. A good start!

Magic Wand


Make your own magic stone/ magic luck magnet:

Hand with a magic stone

Make your own magic charm bracelet:

Make your own magic charm bracelet


Make your own protection charm:

Gold Heart for Protection Charm

Make your own Jujus:

Make your own JuJus



Magic, Art & Creativity belong together!

Artless magic is heartless magic - it's all about energy.

Make something wonderful today!


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