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A Powerful Magic Charm Bracelet - A Spell For Kids Of All Ages

A Powerful Magic Charm Bracelet - A Spell For Kids Of All Ages

Magic isn't so much about rituals or herbs, or even spirits and deities, than it is about using your will to alter the fabric of reality.

One way how this is done, and perhaps the most important of them all, is to learn to use your intention to change an inanimate object into a "magical" object - this is like adding an invisible yet perfectly real layer to the object that creates ripples of change behind the scenes.

A perfect exercise for children of all ages is to make a loving charm bracelet for someone they hold dear and whom they wish well.

As all magic rituals and actions, this affects the caster of the spell as much as it does the recipient; in this case, it is perfectly positive and very powerful, a wonderful introduction to beneficial magic that a child as young as 3 can undertake and benefit from.

All we need is a range of different, interesting and colourful beads.

We will make a loving bracelet where each bead is imbued with a different intention, a different wish, a different frequency.

For children, it is important that the beads used are indeed, different and recognisably so; there are two parts to the spell, and both are equally important, especially for a beginner.

* A note: Rather than paying the Earth for special and beautiful beads, these can be acquired by buying old jewelry from second hand shops at little cost, and also by asking friends and family members for unwanted costume jewelry and taking that apart.

We can already begin the magic in the selection and acquisition of the beads that we will use, and the first step is to make sure our intention is clear.

"This bracelet will be for my Grandma Penny, and it will bring her lots of good things, happy things, love and care."

So now we're looking for "good, happy, loving, caring" types of beads - colours that will reflect that intent, shapes that will reflect that intent. We want LARGE beads, and we want DIFFERENT beads - the more different and interesting each one, the better.

When we have the beads, we will wash them in a little salt water to clean them from any random imprints that may have come their way in the past. This will also clean our hands.

We'll sit down with the beads and the string at a clean table; if you wish, you can put up a photograph of the recipient but that is not strictly necessary, for children are VERY good at holding mental images, and it is only adults who lose that ability and need to take recourse in such things as photographs, which are second best.

We start by saying the original intention aloud one more time:

"I am going to make a magic bracelet for my Grandma Penny, and it will bring her lots of good things, happy things, love and care."

Now we think of the first thing we want Grandma Penny to have in her life. Children can be absolutely wonderful in what they think of, and when an adult makes such an item, they need to try and think simply, think in a straightforward way - what does Penny enjoy?

She loves roses - so the first bead will be the wish that "Grandma Penny will always have roses, wherever she goes."

Choose the bead, hold it in your hand close to your heart, close your eyes and state the intention out aloud.

"Grandma Penny will always have roses, wherever she goes."

Now thread the bead onto the string.

Lay the bracelet down and think of the next thing. What else makes Grandma Penny happy? Simply let this emerge, pick the next bead, do the dedication and so proceed until the entire bracelet is finished.

* A note: If the child has limited attention, or you have only limited choice in your beads, you can have more than one "roses" bead in the bracelet. But it still needs to be dedicated the same as the first one.

Tie it up and now take a moment to go through each bead and REMEMBER what it was dedicated to. This is important, a part of the process and a second pass to strengthen the magic even further. If you can't remember what a bead was for, simply think of it as extra love. You should find however that if the beads are different that you will remember each and every one, and that in and of itself is a very beneficial exercise.

spell bracelet

Now hold the completed bracelet to your heart and say:

"With all my heart, with all my will, with all my love - I have made this bracelet for Grandma Penny on this day."

Wrap it up in some nice tissue paper, ready to give to Grandma Penny. Should she be a rampant fundamentalist of some kind, it's best just to give it as a gift and say nothing else about it; should Grandma have more sense than that, to have the child tell her what each bead stands for is something so wonderful, you have to experience it to know just what that can do for a person. It's extraordinary and I can guarantee you that a person with some sense will treasure this bracelet more than the biggest, most expensive jewel in the world and wear it with every pride and gratitude possible.

Now, for some notes:

1. The basic principle is endlessly flexible to do almost anything with. You can make bracelets (and also necklaces) for any person, for any purpose, and of course, you can make them for yourself, which is WONDERFUL in every way.

2. Variations on the theme include using just a selection of colours to represent a selection of qualities, gifts or intentions - the chakra colours for example with the traditional meanings associated could be done (but I do have to say, that's BORING and definitely second best to the real deal of "free spirit, free form, free flow" as described above).

3. These bracelets make an AMAZING gift of love for just about anyone at all - an emotional healing and support bracelet for a friend going through a bad divorce; a "my family loves me" bracelet for a kid that is bullied at school; a "you are the greatest guy on Earth" bracelet for a male friend for work; a healing bracelet for someone who's sick, a "luck and fortune" bracelet for yourself to wear when you need a little extra of that - infinitely flexible, infinitely valuable.

4. The basic act, namely to imbue an inanimate object with a spiritual quality that raises it above the ordinary and makes IT WORK FOR YOU AND THOSE YOU LOVE, is the blue print for doing this with many other things and in many other circumstances - and that's why this simply little spell is such a powerful thing to do, and a wonderfully empowering experience to have.


May 2007

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