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The Love Spell To Become More Loveable And To Be Loved: The HEART STAR Spell

The Love Spell To Become More Loveable And To Be Loved: The HEART STAR Spell

Starfields writes: Today, someone asked: "How can I change everyone to love me using love spells?" This is a common request we receive here. "I need a spell to be more loveable!" - "Do you have a spell so I can find love?" - "Is there a spell to be more popular?"ย 

Yes, there is - THE STAR SPELL. It's a proper energy magic white light spell, not a fantasy. If you really want more love in your life, here it how you do that ...

The Love Spell To Become More Loveable And To Be Loved: The HEART STAR Spell

Starfields writes: Today, someone asked:

"How can I change everyone to love me using love spells?"

This is a whole lot easier than it might appear at first glance.

It's all about the X-Factor, or in other words, your energy system (your energy body, your "spirit") behind the scenes of your body of flesh.

Your energy body has "the heart of energy" which is the nuclear power system that powers everything, including your "shields of protection" (your aura).

When your energy heart is weak and powerless ...

  • you feel weak, angry, scared;
  • your emotions go up and down like a yoyo (or stay down in depression if it's gone on for too long);
  • you are constantly bitching, moaning and whining - attention seeking, because you're so short of/desperate for more energy;
  • some people will immediately notice that you're weak and bully you;
  • other people will avoid you because you're an "energy sucker" and making them feel bad;
  • in group situations, you'll be "the last to be chosen for the team";
  • love and relationships are a mess, with everyone usually and all the time;
  • success, luck, happiness is unobtainable.

Now, we need to understand that this isn't your fault if this is the case for you. Chances are that at some time, someone or something "broke your heart" or "broke your spirit." That can be anything from a lack of love from parents and keepers to being abandoned or physically attacked.

  • With a broken heart, you can't shine.

You can try and make up for this by taking drugs which cause a short term boost and then you feel a bit better and you shine a bit more for a short time, but it soon sinks back down into misery and failure again, usually worse than it was before.

What needs to be done is to get your heart of energy to start working better, to start shining.

  • The shining heart of energy is what makes you "a star."


When your energy system works better, and particularly, your heart of energy "shines like the sun," you become ATTRACTIVE to others.

Instead of avoiding you, they want to be around you.

You get more love - as if by magic. You also get more luck, and you're going to get smarter, too. Better protected, and less afraid of so many things. More magical - of course! You cannot do spells if you ain't got no "mojo" - energy power, magic power, that comes from the heart of energy.

Oh, and have I mentioned sexual attractiveness?

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what a person looks like on the outside.

If their heart of energy works, is like a "star" then they will get loads of offers of love and friendship from absolutely everyone who wants some of that energy.


If your heart was broken, big time, and you need healing first, go and do the Heart Healing spell for 3x3 days first. Start right away and do it NOW. It is of the essence, because broken hearted people cannot have a good life, no matter what they do.

Now to the "Heart Star" Spell.

Your heart of energy is like a huge waterwheel that needs to spin forward to generate power for love and life.

When we are complaining, bitching, moaning and focusing on bad things, and on the past, it spins BACKWARD. You lose power and all goes to hell in a handbasket.

When we are actively loving someone or something, it spins FORWARD - you're giving love.

So to get ready for the Star Spell (to get more people to love me), make sure you fill in the blanks properly. Really think about it. The more love energy you can generate, the more powerful this spell becomes.

***** If you can't think of anything to love, do the Heart Healing Spell FIRST!!! ******

ย Heart Star Spell: The Heart Position

The Heart Star Spell

1. What do I love?

I love ... (Example: My cat, my guitar, my brother, my friend, the stars, summer rain, rain forests, diamonds, horses, motorbikes ...) Fill in the 3x3 grid with 9 things you really, REALLY love.

ย  ย  ย 
ย  ย  ย 
ย  ย  ย 

2. Focus on your heart of energy.

Place both your hands on your heart of energy and breathe deeply in and out at least 3 times.

Become aware of the energy in your hands building up, that's your energy hands waking up in contact with the Heart Centre.

3. Focus on that which you love.

Focus on the first one in the grid. Keep holding the Heart Position and breathing deeply as you feel the sensations of energy in your body. Allow yourselfย  to become very emotional, that's how you know you are raising a lot of energy.

When you are so full of love that you feel like you're going to explode, make a giving gesture and release your love energy to the first one and say out aloud, "(X), I LOVE YOU!"

Notice how differently you feel now in your body, in yourself.

4. Do the other 8 - or take a break.

When you do this for the first time, it can be a tremendous experience. You can carry on to the next thing in the grid, or take a break and do the next later.

However, make sure you've done all 3x3=9 within one week for the maximum effect.

5. Make a new grid for the new week.

The new grid may have some of the same things in it, or new things, or a mixture. Just make sure you do the Star Spell complete the following week as well.

6. Spot the difference.

This powerful love attracting/success attracting/heart engaging spell has effects right away and straight out of the box. You'll notice differences right away - in what you think, in how you feel, in how other people respond to you.

Let this encourage you to do more heart empowering things so that your heart of energy grows stronger and stronger, and life changes, more and more.

This isn't some make belief Disney spell for little kids, Harry Potter role play, or a fantasy.

This is a real energy magic spell with massive repercussions for the person who runs this.

It is a true "white light spell" which means that it creates more love (more light) rather than taking it away.

The Star Spell is powerful and very real.

Give it your best shot; you'll be amazed by what it does for you.

My blessings to you and always be strong of heart,


July 2015

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