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I'm Desperate - None Of My Magic Spells Are Working! What's Going Wrong?

I'm Desperate - None Of My Magic Spells Are Working! What's Going Wrong?

I keep getting "desperate help" messages and people asking "Why doesn't magic work for me? I'm desperate! What's going wrong! None of my spells are working!!!" There is a really simple answer to this that is so, so important in magic, but so few people seem to know about this. Here is in a nutshell what happens when when your spells don't work, why they don't work, and most importantly, what you need to do to get your magic power up and running as it should. 

First, watch this quick video about your energy body and the effects of stress on your energy body.

Next, check out the Stress Chart and choose where you are most of the time.

That's important to know!

Energy Stress Score Type of Energy Flow Effects On A Person
- 10 Final stress - Energy system collapsed completely So much stress damage that the system shuts down and does not restore itself (catatonia).
- 9 Super high stress - Energy system collapse Temporary shut down of the stressed system by a fit, panic attack followed by fainting.
-8 Extremely high stress - Energy system on the brink of collapse Extremely severe disturbances, self mutilation, autism, blind rage, "going berserk," "madness"
-7 Very high stress - Dangerously low energy flow Extreme temper tantrums, self abuse, schizophrenic metaphors, uncontrollable memory flashes, "crazy ideas," inability to control the body
-6 High stress - Dangerously low energy flow High stress causes high disturbances, temper tantrums, high end addictions, illogical thinking, immediate gratification, unstable, highly egocentric, accident prone, bad decisions
-5 Full stress - Way too low energy flow Irritability, inability to concentrate, not in control of thoughts & memories, communication failure, inability to enter rapport, social, mental and physical malfunctioning, making serious mistakes and errors of judgement
-4 General stress Lapses in ability to control thoughts, emotions and behaviour, lack of long term planning ability, overexcited, stubborn, closed mind, impaired communication skills, making mistakes, clumsiness
-3 Medium stress Talking, thinking and moving too fast, trying to do too much, putting in more effort than the situation requires, lack of empathy
-2 Low Stress Slight impairment in emotional control, not entirely "clear" on future goals and current situations, slight impairment in social skills
-1 Very low stress Occasional infrequent flashes of uninvited thoughts
0 ZERO No stress Calm, tranquil, peaceful, no action required, resting, relaxing, sleepy, drifting
+1 Very low energy flow Neutral, semi-aware, occasional flashes of positive thoughts & emotions
+2 Low energy flow Vague sense of potential, hope, feeling like "waking up from a sleep"
+3 Medium energy flow Feeling ok, smiling, beginning to move, enjoying the present
+4 Improving energy flow Breathing deeply, increased body awareness, more movement, feeling good, starting to think about the future, able and willing to communicate freely
+5 General energy flow Feeling wide awake, happy, ready for action, wanting to take action, wanting to interact and communicate
+6 Faster energy flow Feeling exciting physical sensations, more expansive thinking, feeling personally powerful, feeling excited, enjoying communication, high social awareness
+7 Very fast energy flow Re-thinking and re-organising concepts, expanded awareness, feeling powerful positive emotions, feeling alive, feeling love
+8 High energy flow Picking up personal power, feeling delighted, making new decisions, very fast and very logical thinking, high social abilities: networking, rapport and communication
+9 Very high energy flow Delighted, tingling all over, very excited, joyful, actively loving
+10 Optimal energy flow Enlightenment experience, unconditional love, universal connection to the web of life.
  • The higher your energy flow, the better you feel, the luckier you are and the more love you attract - naturally.
  • Every person can be anywhere on this scale, depending on how stressed they are at the time.
  • WHATEVER you want to do in life, AND INCLUDING MAGIC, needs you to at least be on the positive side of the energy body stress table in order to succeed.

People turn to magic spells and potions out of desperation, stress and because they don't know what else to do.

As a result, there are a great many people trying to cast spells when they are stressed - low on energy.


It needs powerful, fast flowing, free flowing energy and that's exactly the same as driving a car well, or being a good parent, or cooking a decent dinner, or doing a good job at work.

If you are stressed or desperate, you need to STOP and do something positive and uplifting FIRST to put you into a place of POWER.

Here's what to do in brief.

First, check where you are right now on the stress chart. If you are feeling low, negative, desperate, freaked out, STOP.

Find something to love.

In practice this means focusing your mind on something that is STRONGLY POSITIVE to you.

A loved one, an animal, a landscape, a future dream - the important thing is that you should find something to love.

***** If you can't do that because you are too stressed, I strongly recommend POSITIVE EFT which can be used in a ritualistic fashion to help you get higher on the stress chart, step by step. It's available from all good book stores, online and off and publisher direct here: *****

Notice how when you start thinking of the things YOU LOVE, you become first of all calmer, and how the feelings in your body start to change.

Do not attempt to cast any spells unless you are AT LEAST on a +3 - EVER. The only exception to this rule is to do rituals of supplication, where you are essentially just throwing yourself to the floor and begging angels, deities or "friends" for their help and support.

The fact is that nothing good comes of spells and rituals cast by a person with low energy. All it does is "bites you in the backside" as you're trying to raise energy that you don't have and leads to all manner of unhappiness and weirdness. Indeed, it is my supposition that it is this futile attempts at low energy magic that has given magic a bad name over the millennia.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Raising your energy levels isn't difficult; it just takes practice and the will to turn away from negative things for a moment and make that mental/energetic move towards something beautiful, beloved, inspiring.

Indeed, learning to raise your energy levels is the key to so much more than "just" making magic work. It's the key to making LIFE work as it should.

I can't recommend highly enough that you seriously start paying attention to your energy flow as it changes from moment to moment; to begin to recognise when you're getting "low on life fuel" and starting to think negative thoughts about yourself, other people, your future and your past and to TAKE ACTION to get back into the positives.

There are many ways to do that; find things you find inspiring and attractive and USE THEM to give you a boost when you need it.

Certainly, before any magic ritual or attempting to cast any type of magic spell, make sure your energy is high and your power is on.

That's when spells stop misfiring and will really start to work for you.


"If you fill your mind to overflowing with beautiful things, there can be no room left for doubt."


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