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The Law of Three (was The Rule of Three)

The Law of Three (was The Rule of Three)

The law of three is also known as the rule of three. I don't think it's merely a "rule" but more than that, it's a LAW. Like gravity.

Which is why I call it The LAW of three and not the rule of three.

The Law Of Three In Magic

The law of three is also known as the rule of three. I don't think it's merely a "rule" but more than that, it's a LAW. Like gravity. Which is why I call it The LAW of three and not the rule of three.

Ever mind the rule of three

Three times Your Acts Return To Thee


This lesson well, thou must learn

thou only gets what thee dost earn.


Let's write that Law of Three in modern English:


The law of three in magic's true,

what you put out returns to you.


We can also explain the Law of Three like this:

  •  Misery attracts more misery.
  • Anger attracts more anger.
  • Revenge attracts more revenge.
  • Hatred attracts more hatred.


And likewise ...

  • Happiness attracts more happiness;
  • success attracts more success;
  • power attracts more power;
  • and love attracts more love.


What it means in practical magical workings is that you need to think differently from non-magical people to get things done.

In the Hard, if someone has a gun, you get a bigger gun. And so it goes, all the way up to the nuclear missiles.

The magic realms are made of pure energy, and different laws of nature apply.

You start putting out negative energy - which is the absence of love - with hateful, angry, revengeful spells from a state of anger, misery and depression, and you become a veritable whirlpool that sucks the joy out of everything, and less and less of the good stuff is coming your way. The good stuff = love, respect, friendship, power, success, luck, popularity. All of that happens less and less.

Which makes you obviously ever more angry, depressed, hateful, revengeful ...

If you want that as a goal, well, you know how to do that.

If, on the other hand, you want to be powerful, attractive, lucky in love, lucky in life and have good things streaming towards you, you have to start sending out positive energy.

That would be blessings for other people, money spells to make other people richer, love spells so that other people can find love.

It's an investment in your own future.

Beginners cannot handle the idea that in order to get good things happen to them, the greatest shortcut is "to love your enemies."

And that's OK - to love your enemies is a big challenge, even for experienced people.

You can start the process of bringing more good things into your own life by focusing on the people you love, and then it's natural to send them blessings and gifts of healing, success, love and light.

*New to all of this? Try a simple blessing with the basic stone spell.


The more heartfelt the spell,

the more powerful the spell.

The more powerful the spell,

the more powerful that three fold RETURN.

The more you give, the more you are given.

Simple, safe, practical, and very evolutionary for your own personal development.

But what if you're seething with anger and really want to use magic to kick ass, good and proper?

Well, there's always the Super Safe Revenge Spell, which is built around the Law of Three in magic.

What I would suggest instead however is to learn to control your emotions. Energy EFT is an excellent method; you tap on some special meridian points and your anger flows away.

Heart of Energy - The Heart Position

The best tip, as always, in moments of emotional turmoil is to put both of your hands on your heart of energy and FIND SOMETHING TO LOVE.

Thinking towards something or someone you love will re-reverse your energy system and make you strong again.

It gets better and quicker with practice.

Have it known, and understand, that the law of three in magic is not a joke. It's not one of those laws that's like playing football on the grass, better broken.

It's more like the law of gravity - what goes up, comes down.


The law of three in magic's true,

what you put out, returns to you.

StarFields February 2017

PS. Tell your friends. Save a soul.


Picture with Candle and the Law of Three in simple words

 Law of Three (Rule of Three) Picture


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