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Safe Revenge Spell

Safe Revenge Spell

Safe Revenge Spell This is a truly superbly wicked spell, so bad, it's actually good!

Taking the Law Of Three into consideration, this is how to make a spell for revenge or to hurt someone back who's hurt you, but at the same time how to remain perfectly safe and serve the highest good of all concerned - and possibly even make a fat karmic profit in the process.

This is how it works.

Consider the person in question, and especially their shortcomings in totality.

Now consider their higher self as well, and how they are totally failing to living up to being anything like that.

Now, choose a POSITIVE QUALITY that if it was bestowed on this person, would create maximum conflict and damage in their lives.

For example, a vicious drug dealer who exploits people would have a really hard time of it if they were to develop a conscience, all of a sudden. Or if their heart was to open to love and understanding, or if they were to develop deep insight into how their actions affect others, or how what they're doing is totally not what the creative order likes or desires.

For such a person, just about any positive quality, such as:

  • honour
  • love
  • freedom
  • vision
  • understanding
  • clarity
  • intelligence
  • heart & soul opening
  • connecting to higher spiritual sources
  • enlightenment

... etc. would cause a real "crash and burn" in their current activities/incarnational unfoldments.

Their "muppet identity" would fall apart and they would suffer GREATLY in the process.

You, on the other hand, if you were to get these back threefold, will GAIN greatly. You stand to profit thrice -

Firstly, you get your revenge and suffering payback on the muppet level;

Secondly, you get to do "the right thing" in consultation with their higher selves;

Thirdly, YOU get back what YOU send out threefold as a bonus.



Light a single, simple candle and sit before it.

Call up the person and the person's higher self.

Ask the higher self for a quality which would derail that person's current muppet life.

Now, speak that quality and gift it to the person:


Upon the planes in which I live,

the gift ofย  [insert quality] I now give,

to [insert name of revenge target] with all my heart and soul,

to change [him/her] and to make [him/her] whole;

By all on high and law of three,

this is my will, so shall it be.


Visualise the person strongly in the candle flame for a short but intense time, then blow out the candle.

It is done.


SFX 2002



Poppet with pins stuck in it.

A 2017 Update:

This is a perfect spell for sticking pins into a poppet, so you can give your safe revenge gifts with intention and put them in the right places.

Please remember that using negatives or destructives is DANGEROUS and will hurt you back. So don't do it. Find the antidotes to the revenge spell target's bad behaviours and make the positive intention instead.

Take your time to find the right positives. Make a list of what you hate about the person and find the antidote to each one before you start.

For example, if the person is hateful, the antidote is LOVE.

If the person is lying or sneaky, the antidote is TRUTH.

The Power of the Positives is an amazing thing.

Wield it purposefully in this safe revenge spell and it will further empower you!

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