Magic, Spells & Potions

Magic, Spells & Potions - My Story

Magic, Spells & Potions - My Story

StarFields writes: It has taken me 30 years to write my own book on magic, Magic, Spells & Potions.

I would have never done this in the first place if I didn't have people from this site asking day in, day out, 365 days a year, "How can I learn REAL magic?"

So here's the story of Magic, Spells & Potions - and what it took to write a new book on magic.

Magic Spells And Potions

I am half East Prussian Romany, and half German. So I've had my share of parts conflicts - lol!

I can't remember a time even as a small child when I didn't see and hear and sometimes knew things that other people just didn't.

I have always been strongly drawn to magic.

But the truth is that every time I tried to enter into what there was being offered as "learning about magic" I just wasn't happy. Either the Romany half went on strike because what was being offered just wasn't proper "magical" in the sense I feel the living magic inside of me; or the German half went on strike because what I was being presented with was just so TOTALLY nonsensical, downright illogical and CRAZY, it wanted NOTHING to do with any of that.

The last time I tried with "organised magic," someone looked me in the eye and told me in all sincerity that I would never be able to be a proper magician unless I started the study of Hebrew which would take me the rest of my life.

In that moment, both my ancestral lines finally came into agreement, entered into a grand conjunction probably for the first time in my life, and I thought to myself, "That's IT! You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

"I've HAD it with strapping antlers to my head and stabbing knives into chalices!! I've HAD it with your so-called trees of life - it's a stupid labyrinth you people really need get out of and step into the real world, how about it!

"I've HAD it with your stupid, meaningless sigils and BORING, BORING, life draining rituals, and badly put together, headache inducing spells!

"I've HAD it with your APPALLING medieval iconography of grim reapers and goats and horn tailed demons and divils and legions and ALL THAT CRAP!!!

"I've HAD it with the ineffectiveness and lack of provable results, lack of ANYTHING worth having - you are WASTING my precious time!!!

"I've HAD it with the incomprehensibly IDIOTIC idea that by studying some ancient language for 60 years and spending my days up to eyeballs in dusty scrolls SOMEHOW magic would become revealed!

"Magic is ALIVE.

It is REAL.


Magic wants to dance, it wants to flash like lightning, it wants to play, and most of all, it wants to express itself right here, right now!!!

"Magic is JOY!!!!"

And I walked away from it all, I never looked back, and did something else with my life instead.

Something practical, and something magical.

That was in 1979.

And here we are, 30 years later.

I've calmed down a little since then. I'm not as fiery as I used to be. I brought up two children, ran all sorts of different businesses, taught a trick or two to a few million people on Planet Earth and I've learned a heck of a lot about THE REAL WORLD in the process.

I've always done "my magic thing" only I've disguised it and turned it into self help techniques, and animal training programs, and all sorts of systems and patterns to help people find that spark within, to live better lives that absolutely run on pure magic as the dynamo behind the scenes, in all ways, in every way.

In 2004, my yearning for coming out of the closet as a magical human being living in a magical Universe got to the point that I bought myself a new website, .

It's funny to note that it must have taken me all of 25 years, a quarter of a century, to get over the disappointment with the existing systems magic to a point where I wanted to have another go!

But right from the start, I loved this site.

I LOVED visitors asking questions, and me finding out that I knew the answers to those questions. If I didn't know, I knew where to find them - and that wasn't in an ancient scroll written in some ancient language by some random guy in sandals 6,000 years ago, either!

I loved everything to do with it - apart from one thing.

This was the never-ending stream of visitors asking me to teach them magic or to recommend a "good magic school" they could go to, further fuelled by the Harry Potter explosion near that time.

Now I know that there are truly LOVELY people out there, doing their own thing with magic and with witchcraft, and their heart is in the right place, and they're doing good in the world.

I truly mean no disrespect to any HONEST worker of magic on this planet, alive or dead; I wouldn't and I couldn't disrespect such a person, not for all the tea in China.

But honestly and deeply in my heart, I could also NOT recommend to anyone at all to study these medieval systems of magic that are filled with all these old negative metaphors and convolutions that were picked up along the way; and the worst of all that dark-ages style Christian obsession with Satan, evil and hellfire which weaves its way through every thing, visible and invisible, and that just makes magic SAD, and helps no-one at all.

At the same time, to write up my own system of magic seemed like a pretty impossible task - where would you start?

You'd have to start from the ground up - from the basic human being, as they're designed to be by the Great Creative Order, as they are, right now.

To somehow go right back to even before Square 1, because Square 1 *is a part of the game board* - and start completely at the beginning.

As I thought about how to do something like that, I had a vision.

It was of a monkey being, one of the first humans, or perhaps THE first human.

They were by the side of a river in a hot land, and where they walked and stood, they made footprints in the wet clay that filled with water and sparkled in the sunlight.

And I saw the monkey being looking at that, and then hunkering down and drawing their hands over that footprint, in a touching gesture.

As they drew their hand over the wet clay, they made a line by accident.

They saw it.

They saw what they had done.

They stopped still.

It was as though time stood still.

And then, very slowly and deliberately, the being drew a second line beneath the first.

That was the moment when the whole Universe changed, the moment when a being on Earth discovered magic for the very first time.

I was awed by that vision, deeply so; and yet at the same instant I KNEW that this moment happens, over and over again, TO EVERY HUMAN CHILD, in some shape or form, when they too discover FOR THEMSELVES, and feel it in their own bodies, that they can change reality, that they can MAKE THEIR MARK, make symbols, that they have the power to DRAW REALITY into being.

And then I knew how I could possibly make a new system of magic.

It was easy.

All I had to do was to go back to the original, primal magic of human kind, and start from there; and then I couldn't go wrong.

From that place and time of my vision, we could all start afresh, have a second chance at a clean magic, a new magic, one that has nothing to with anything that happened before and instead goes right back to the dawn of humanity - AND extraordinarily, at the same time to each and every human child ever born who discovers themselves in context of the Universe.

EVERY ONE OF US was this child once.

EVERY ONE OF US still has this child inside of us, and EVERY ONE OF US remembers this, on some level.

  • This quest to make a new magic was not about making another huge labyrinth of numbers and letters and lists and correspondences and charts and hierarchies of all sorts of entities - it was about awakening the magic INSIDE a person, the real magic, the true magic, the AMAZING magic we were given by courtesy of the Creative Order, by the very structure of our design.

That was my job then, that was what "teaching magic" would entail.

And so I spend five years with primal magic.

I had to find my own way back as well, because I'm just as full of all the old ideas, and brainwashing, and installed limitations, as anyone else on this planet today; but it wasn't difficult, because although the journey to go back to the original, primal magic was made convoluted by all these false beliefs and such, there was ALWAYS THE HEART OF MAGIC - das Zauberherz - shining at the very center of the labyrinth, guiding my path, guiding me home.

I had to make myself some tools to help me on that journey, because the tools I needed did not exist; they never did, because everyone else had always tried to build on the foundations of their ancestors, no matter how shaky or rotten those foundations may have been or had become as time passed them by.

I found that some of the most important tools I already had - Project Sanctuary, of course; and EMO to prevent burn out, but most of all, to stop FEAR from de-railing my structure in magic.

That's when it became clear just WHY all these ancient magical systems were so convoluted and nonsensical!

Of course - the people who had originally build them, and then all the others who had translated and added over the years, EACH brought their own "stress stupidity" into the game. They made faulty assumptions, coloured through the mad spectacles of fear, and then computed badly based on those faulty assumptions.

This caused endless theoretical and practical paradoxes and problems, for each of which more convoluted "fixes" had to be put into the systems, until they were just the kind of mess we see today, where good, intelligent people can "study" them for decades and never get anywhere whatsoever!

Once you took fear and stress out of the equation, logic can prevail, and the true beauty of the Creative Order becomes revealed - to ANY HUMAN BEING, once again, by virtue of design, for free, unconditionally so, because we are all built for magic, and the only thing that stops it from manifesting as it should, is fear and stress.

Simple, really.

Amongst the tools I made were the Far Journeys album to assist me in my quest to re-cover the real magic of human beings; the Apollonius Quartet (very helpful!); the Magician (incredible!); and then I was ready to actively enter into the experience of the oldest and the youngest magic - primal magic.

Working with simple stones from the beach.

With twigs that became real, original magic wands once more, allowing you to reach out and touch something that would ordinarily be beyond your reach.

With a little river clay, shaped into the form of a human being, making everyone who does this into a creator in their own right, and a tiny reflection of that glorious light that made the Universe.

Working with fire - oh my! What MUST it have been like for those ancient humans to look into the fire, to see one of their own MAKE FIRE - we cannot conceive, but even reaching out to touch that teaches you so much!

Water too - so simple, so basic, so ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL.

And all of those so very CLEAN if you go right back to them, touch them in that primal way, just YOU and THEM, learning about each other, stepping into the true magic, so FREE, so POWERFUL.

When you interact directly with a fire or a stone, letting go of everything you've ever heard, ever been told and SEE WHAT IS REALLY THERE!!!!!!!! instead, THAT is when your own true magic wakes up inside of you.

It's a like a school kid, fast asleep, dreaming about the playground outside will come back into the room, back to life, when the teacher, instead of talking about an egg, brings a real egg into the classroom so it's really there, and you can touch it, feel it, see it, hold it, KNOW IT.

That little kid who goes to sleep when ancient symbols are being presented in the schoolroom and who wakes up when we give a simple pebble to play with, that's the heart of magic, das Zauberherz, it is "the magical child within," for real, it's probably YOUR SOUL.

You wake that up, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So it wasn't really so difficult to write that new book on magic, after all.

All I had to do was to write SOME THING that would wake up people's souls and their own magic powers.

I could write about anything, really; I could use words that people think they understand, such as fortune telling, spells, sigils and so forth and use those as metaphors and movements to set people's own magic free.

But there was still one thing missing.

People do need something to hold on to; something to guide the conscious mind in the right direction.

The way we used to do that was by playing Project Sanctuary; and that is still in my opinion the most overall profound method to - do anything at all, really.

But Project Sanctuary set the bar pretty high as to who would want to get involved with that.

People would have to already understand that they have power and faculties they weren't using to see the reason for not just buying the book, but playing the games and LEARNING SOMETHING in the process, EVOLVING in the process.

Something more easily accessible was needed; and when I was working with the primal magic, with stone, wood, clay, fire and water, I found the Genius Symbols.

I know they "came through me" and my endeavours; but those things are pure genius, really they are!

So complex.

So INCREDIBLY multi-dimensional.

So advanced and interlaced.


How cool *is* that?

Now I had my last set of "building blocks" that tied it all together and gave anyone who wanted it a good chance at making magic work - easily: a true "magic machine".


There was only one thing left that stood in the way for me to finally answer that endless stream of cries of, "Where can I learn REAL magic?" with, "Here! I got a book that can teach you!"

And that was my own stress on the whole issue of tackling a field of human endeavour that has quite practically driven the best and brightest to distraction and into insanity for a hundred thousand years.

Can I?

Dare I?

Who am I to ...?

There is a truly fabulous scene right at the end of the long running series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" where a single young witch goes back in time, confronts three old men from thousands of years ago, and re-sets the "rules of magic" because those three old men where exactly that - ONLY three old men, nothing more, nothing less.

Who am I to ...?

Well, ladies, gentlemen and all others, I happen to be ...

... a human being!

And as such I don't only have THE SAME right as any old Egyptian, Greek, Indian or Aztec who ever walked the Earth to make and declare a system of magic, I even have THE DUTY to be doing so if I believe the existing systems to be faulty.

I found great solace in that, and a great deal of joy.

And so, here we have it.

Magic, Spells & Potions - the StarFields way.

Magic that sparkles, laughs and dances; magic you can feel in your own body; magic that takes your breath away; a beautiful magic that protects and enriches everyone who touches it; magic that really does stuff, and reliably so, whether you are telling someone's fortune, making a protection charm, procuring higher forces to act on your behalf or creating a powerful custom made spell for any occasion!

Now I have something that I can recommend to people - even to youngsters - to have a go with, try it out for themselves, see, feel, hear and experience how they like it, something that is immediately accessible, grows with them, and immunises them against people who will try and take their desire for real magic for a ride.

Something that encourages the magical child within to wake up, come out, and FINALLY get to play in the sunshine!

Magic Is Joy - Magic comes from your soul, never forget ...I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the visitors of , my powers that be, my friends and all the helpful beings far and wide, and those quite close to home as well, for their material assistance in getting me to the point where I could write "Magic, Spells & Potions" - with all my heart.

Thank you!

StarFields, June 2009


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