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Spells For Kids

We get a lot of kids asking for "spells that really work" here on Magic Spells & Potions. Without the full time guidance of someone who knows what they are doing, the options are a little limited but there are basic things that kids can practise which will teach them about magic and reality.

Candy writes: Hi SFX, I am 13 and new to all of this magic. I always felt like magic was a big part of my life but it just wont reveal its self to me. I can't seem to clear my head from all the fakes out there, its really hard to tell what's what. I cant even tell if magic will work for me. I need some advise please - I could use some help.


Hi Candy.

Yeah, there's a lot of rubbish out there on the topic of magic. All those fairy tales, stuff like Harry Potter, it all adds to the confusion as to what magic is and how to do it properly.

But you're 13, and that's a high time for psychic activity as it starts to really kick in, and a good time to try some simple things.

Here is a basic experiment in energy magic.

In your room, or somewhere in your house, create an energy magic device. This is really easy to do because unless there are other magicians in the house, no-one would even know about the "invisible realms" beneath what you can touch and see with your physical eyes, and so there's lots of space for it.

I suggest something simple and harmless, like a fountain.

Decide where you want to put it, sit down and visualise a fountain of water just coming up from the floor. Decide how big you want it to be and what kind of water (energy!) this should be - refreshing, healthy, sparkling, clearing, healing even, but you get to choose, as you are the magician.

Do your best to see it, hear it, feel it - have be as real as you can make it.

Over the next few days, every time you come past that place, strenghten it some more with your intention and energy.

Then, things get very interesting.

If you have pets, siblings, other family members, visitors, OBSERVE carefully how they respond to this energy creation. It is really fascinating. Some pets walk around it, some will go and lie right in it; people often for a moment stop and look around without even noticing that themselves, or look over their shoulder; some might comment that something feels strange or unusual.

It is in this observation that you learn that you have made something REAL - for if it wasn't real, then HOW could a pet or a person know to walk around it or respond to it with other behaviours?

Practise this A LOT. You can put such a fountain on a chair in a cinema or at school and note how people respond to that. Instead of a fountain, you can make a big block of ice instead if you don't want the empty chair next to you being taken by another.

This is something easy that with practise has a million and one uses, including glamours and shields, and later on, environmental energy work and communication - plus it is FUN to do and practises your visualisation skills.

Have a go at that and try to forget all the old nonsense you've heard about magic, and instead, do your own experiments every day and you will get far, and quickly, too.

Wishing you bright days,



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