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Help! My Mom Won't Let Me Do Witchcraft

Help! My Mom Won't Let Me Do Witchcraft

Is it possible to do magic without any of the oh so many ingredients that are prescribed for even the simplest of spells?

What if you live in a situation where you can't be "seen" to wave wands and pentacles about?

Here is my advice for what do if you REALLY want to learn how to do REAL MAGIC ...

Help! My Mom Won't Let Me Do Witchcraft!

When I started this site, I really didn't expect that I would get so many youngsters visiting it. I was actually quite shocked. Probably because we didn't have the Internet in my days ... we used to throw dung at each other for amusement on a rainy day ... ;->

At any rate, here's something I hear all the time in variations, and it goes like this:


I really want to learn magic and I want to do the ...

[] money spell
[] love spell
[] revenge spell
[] ritual rites of the ten thousand demons

... BUT ...

[] my mom
[] my parents
[] the keepers

... are ...

[] Mormons
[] Irish Catholic
[] Muslims
[] Scientists
[] Scientologists
[] Other Radical Fundamentalists

... and they would ...

[] freak out
[] murder me
[] die on the spot
[] call the Enforcers

... if they found me with ...

[] a burning candle
[] a wand, cauldron, sword and chalice
[] a bag of newt's eyes
[] three photos, a knife and a pentacle
[] a length of purple string

... doing a ...

[] spell
[] ritual
[] evocation
[] dance

... in my bedroom.

What am I to do????

Of course, I would never actively encourage anyone under 18 to go against the wishes of their elders in any way, let it be understood.

As a general principle however, applicable to all, here is the practical alternative to being burned at the stake.

Energy magic in essence doesn't require ANYthing to make it work.

It is about shaping energetic realities to your will, which is what all magic is about at the end of the day.

Working *in the absence of* material items is a tremendous opportunity to practice mental skills, will, focus, intention and basically pure magic power.

It doesn't get any purer than that.

ANY object you bring to the party is going to bring its own confusions in a way.

It has its own history, its own energetic imprints, its own flaws and uniquenesses.

A rose, for example, is not just a rose. There is a huge difference between a rose bought in a supermarket that has never ever seen the real light of day in all its life, has been sprayed with chemicals, handled by robots and mass farmed, and a rose hand picked on the wild moors in a holy place far from the maddening crowds.


But a red rose YOU MAKE IN YOUR MIND, a thoughtfield, an energetic reality, IS ABSOLUTELY PURE.

It is the PERFECTION of the metaphor of the red rose.

The same goes for ANY magic or witchcraft ingredient - from the sword to the wand, from the candles to the herbs, from the crystals to the symbols.

Imagine a person standing in an empty room, and like the Holodeck in StarTrek, pointing into the corner and saying, "A black altar candle," and there, it arises.

"Three red roses ..." and there they are.

"A holographic image of the target person .." and it arises, MORE REAL AND MORE POWERFUL BY FAR than any photograph could ever be.

The answer to the question as to how to do spells without any PHYSICAL ingredients is to use your imagination, your fantasy.

I am sure that you well know the difference between a random thought and a fantasy that becomes so REAL, you can step right into it and interact with it absolutely.

If you don't, remember a dream you had and you remember, where all things were real and you felt everything.

That's the kind of fantasy that bridges between the material and the magical, and that's where you can do magic without any implements whatsoever.

And it isn't difficult.

Turn the lights down low, sit down on the ground and see before you a single white candle. Reach out and light it, do the actions "in accord". Blow it out. Light it again. Look into the flame.

Put it to one side and now, create a crystal ball. Pick it up and hold in your hands. Learn to feel its smoothness, its coldness, how heavy it is. Put it down.

Create a rose. Hold it in your hand. Touch it, smell it, let it sting your fingers with its thorns. Smell the leaves, run the petals over your cheek.

Place it down.

Hold all three objects steady in their places and interact with them for a time, and when you're done, dissolve them in a shower of fairy dust to return them to source.

You can practice this at any time you want, whether there are people about or not, creating steady and stable thoughtfields that you can work with in magic, and in many other ways.

It's fabulous training for the mind, the energy system, for attention and logic, for memory, visualisation skills, and intelligence, at that.

So I would say to anyone who is serious about magic, that's what you should be practicing. Put your mind to it, put your heart and soul into it. Don't wail and whine if at first you don't succeed. Keep practicing. You'll get better, and better.

All the spells on this site are designed for working in this way in the first place; so you have lots to practice with.

Stay focused, pay attention and keep learning because magic is infinite - as is creation itself.


April 2008

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