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Spell 4 Wishes, Wishes, Wishes

Spell 4 Wishes, Wishes, Wishes

Every so often, I receive a request that goes something like this:

"Dear Starfields, I want a spell for more money, lots more money, a new house, a new boyfriend, a new job, for my mother's sickness, to get better looking, to have a holiday and a new car, and for me to become more intelligent, beautiful, hard working and successful. And famous. And I'd also like a huge new TV. And a garden for my kids to play in. And luck on the lottery. And a new bathroom. And a spell to learn to play guitar really quickly and be good at it. Thanks in advance, XXX"

And when I get one of those I think, WHOA!

My oh my!

With all of that going on, all you get is a headache - well all I get is a headache if I try to come up with that many spells for that many things that quickly.

And let's face it, what have we got here when the chips are down?

We have a person on the other end of the contact form who is DEEPLY DISSATISFIED with their life and their experiences of life.

They have what I call an "unfulfilled wish reservoir" the size of a few olympic swimming pools laid side by side.

So what to do if you feel like that, if you're one of the ones who sends in a request like that?

Well, there's two ways to go.

One would be to stop for a moment and think if there was ONE thing amongst that huge wish list that would make the biggest change, which one would it be, and then request a spell for that alone, to help cut through the confusion.

But if that doesn't help or one thing doesn't stand out clearly and the others keep pushing in, then there is a good technique to at least release the pressure of all these unfulfilled wishes all piled on top of each other, causing stress and heartache too.

That would be to make a snow globe - instructions see here - and literally pour ALL your wishes into it - and let your higher self sort it out.

That's a huge relief and also gives an opportunity for the higher forces to go to work on your behalf, because it's a fact that often we are wrong in thinking that just winning the lottery would really make us happy and higher wisdom might end up giving us things that make huge changes for longterm benefits in our lives.

But just the sheer relief of handing over all those unfulfilled wishes rather than carrying them around with yourself every day (what a burden!) is a wonderful thing, so I recommend this highly.

Do it once a week, why not, for keeping a flow and the channels open, your energy field clear and a constant opportunity to get a whole more than you ever you thought you could.

Wish away!



PS We also have a magic wishing well - use it as often as you will, the magic coins never run out and the well never runs dry!

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