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Wishing Spell 4 My Greatest Desire - Snow Globe Spell

Wishing Spell 4 My Greatest Desire - Snow Globe Spell

Jenny writes:

I would like to know a wishing spell for my greatest desire.

Thank you.

Hi Jenny,

try a Snow Globe spell. It's easy and just as profound and powerful as you can make it; the greater your desire, the more powerful it becomes.

This is how you do it.

Set the scene to make yourself feel comfortable and protected and so you won't be disturbed.

When you are ready, sit down somewhere comfortable and breathe deeply for a little while.

Release all tensions you can feel in your body so you are alert, relaxed and nothing is taking your attention away from this event.

Place your hands open in your lap and look down on your open hands.

You will create an erea there, about the size of a large crystal ball, a field of energy that contains your greatest desire in every detail, as well as all your energy and your emotion on the topic.

Think of it as a large empty snow globe you are going to fill with your greatest desire, to make a package that you can then hand over to the powers that be (your soul, your guardian angels, and whoever is going to help with this) so they can get to work on your behalf.

Pour everything you have about this desire out - images, sounds, memories, ideas, hopes, goals, dreams, your feelings about this - EVERYTHING and contain it in that ball of energy and information.

Keep going until you feel that you got it all out of you and into that globe.

Now take a deep breath and with your hands, lift the globe up and up, being careful not to disturb it or spill any of it, until its right up above your head, then throw it over your head and BEHIND you.

You will experience a brief but extraordinary sensation as the globe is taken up by the powers that be and simply disappears into their dimensions.

Bow your head, say Thank You, and now make sure to leave it be.

Don't "turn around" to check on it, leave it up to the powers that be to make it happen. If you start stirring or meddling, it breaks the spell.

It's a very cool experience that you will have had to have had in order to know just how magical that is, and I wish you good luck with that also,


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