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A Spell For A Turtle Charm To Protect A Friend From Bullies

A Spell For A Turtle Charm To Protect A Friend From Bullies

An XTRA Magic subscriber wrote and asked for a spell to put on a turtle pendant necklace they had bought for a friend of theirs who was getting persecuted by bullies.

I immediately thought that was a brilliant choice as "Father Turtle" from the animal kingdom is a powerful guardian for protection, so I wrote a spell to go with it. This can be a simple spell or extended into a full magic ritual.

So here is what I wrote and the ...

Father Turtle Spell To Make A Charm Necklace For Protection

"Father Turtle" is an excellent choice for a powerful protective guardian charm, so well done for choosing him.

I've written this spell specifically for use with Father Turtle on this occasion. In future, you can use this also for other animal guardians, and not just pendants but also home guardians and such by replacing the first part of the spell with the qualities of the animal spirit you are evoking.

So here's the complete ...


Turtle Charm Protection Spell

Find a quiet time where you will not be disturbed. Some people cast a circle to intensify the energy inside the circle and to keep distractions out; you can make a circle out of candles, crystals or stones, draw one on the ground or mark it out with string, or salt. That is optional, however.

Take a moment to gather yourself.

Focus on your friend and your good will (love, positive energy) for your friend, NOT on the troubles she's had. That's important.

Take a deep breath. Hold the charm in both hands and raise it up towards the sky as you say out aloud and in your mind at the same time:

Father turtle, wise and old,
father turtle, heart of gold,
father turtle, shell so strong
father turtle, life so long

Now start moving the charm slowly towards your heart center in the middle of your chest as you say/think/evoke:

I call your spirit to this charm
protect the wearer from all harm
make them safe and make them shine
new powers for this friend of mine.

Now hold it close to your heart and seal it:

By all the ancient spirits bright,
by moon and sun,
by day and night,
by stars above, and stars below,
this is my will,
and it is so.

Kiss the charm and it is done.

Part 1 calls the Turtle Spirit specifically; part 2 puts the spirit of father turtle into the charm, and part 3 seals and activates the charm.

Your friend is lucky to have you, not many people would take the trouble, so good on you.

Sending my blessings also,



Sacred Turtle Image by SFX

Sacred Turtle by SFX 2010

A note: Technically speaking, this isn't a turtle but a tortoise. However, I bet the person who wrote to me and said they'd bought a turtle charm didn't buy a charm depicting a sea turtle but one with a tortoise on it. Most people think of a tortoise when you say the word "turtle" like in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and not Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortoises if you know what I mean!

In magic, it's all about internal representation, so if you can't handle calling the turtle above a turtle, call on Father Tortoise instead. For me, it's a Sacred Turtle and I know what I mean when I say that!

Ah the ways of language and magic ...!

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