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A Spell To Make Me Smarter & More Intelligent?

A Spell To Make Me Smarter & More Intelligent?

Jen writes: Do you know a spell to make me smarter? Or more intelligent?

If there any way you can help me I would greatly thank you.

Hi Jen,

I STRONGLY recommend you go to and learn EFT (really easy and its free!).

Then make a long list of all your negative beliefs around not being smart (enough), such as, "I can't seem to learn maths easily" or "I do stupid things and that means I'm stupid" and tap your way through them all, one by one, over a period of time.

Also spot any limiting beliefs you have about your intelligence, day by day, and treat them with EFT as well.

If you do that diligently, I PROMISE you will improve your smarts, and quickly, too.


Like all humans, you have more neurons in your brain than there are stars in the visible sky, and the connections between them are to all intents and purposes, INFINITE.

You can learn, you can think, you are already much, much smarter than you think and you can get a whole lot smarter still!

Go get them!!!


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