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Spell For New Beginnings - The Shadow To Sun Spell

Spell For New Beginnings - The Shadow To Sun Spell

Here we have a really simple spell you can do at any time, without ingredients, whenever you want to put the past behind you and invite a better, brighter future to open up in front of you. This is the "Spell For New Beginnings" - The Shadow To Sun Spell.

The Shadow To Sun Spell

(The Spell For New Beginnings)


For this spell, you need the sun to shine brightly, so that you get some clear cut shadow for the first part of the spell.

You begin by standing in the shadow, with your back turned to the sun. 


The past is behind
what's gone, is gone,
what's done is done.

I stand here
I stand now     
I turn and face the future
embrace the future

On "I turn ..." you physically turn around so you look out towards the sun, but stay in the shadow. 


New beginnings,
every day,
every night
and every way,
bring the new
bring the bright
bring the good
bring the right

Joy and love
will come to me
strength and power
gold and diamond
blessings too
flow through me
and flow through you

Future free
and future wide
angels walking
by my side
as above,
and so below,
it's my will,
now make it so!

Now, you step or leap out of the shadow so you're standing in the full sunshine:

I step forward
to the sun,
now the new life
has begun!


Now, you can do what comes naturally. 

You can sit and meditate quietly, you can dance in the sunshine (that would be my choice, it's a real energy high). You can let the power of the sun warm your heart, channel golden sunshine energy for health, wealth and power - make the moment your own, make this basic spell your own.

Other Notes on the New Beginnings Spell:

You can direct the spell into a particular direction (this is about business, this is about love, this is about freedom etc.) by putting a set up before the spell starts. Whilst still in the shadow, with your back to the sun, say clearly out aloud and in your mind, "I dedicate this sun spell to (my business, my sex life, my relationship, my health etc.).

"Stepping out into the sun" is something you can do at other times, to confirm and re-affirm that you are ready for a glorious, powerful future.

Meditating with the sun, dancing with the sun, and letting the energy of the sun flowing through you is also a wonderfully magical and very powerful thing to do. 

You can further strengthen sun power in your life by having something gold or yellow on your person and/or in your environment. Adding a dash of Sun Power to any spell can lift it and make it far more powerful. I love sun spells, they are primal, ancient, clean and wonderfully life affirming. 

Finally, an interesting fact.

The sun shines on everyone but each person gets their own special personal rays of light. No matter how many billions of people there are on Earth, the sun that shines on you shines for you alone. I think that's wonderful and a simple blessing that lets us know that we are important, that we are a part of the great creative order, and that the creator loves us each one.

Enjoy the "New Beginnings Spell" and have my best blessings,



May 2015


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