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Spell Against Stress

Spell Against Stress

Stress is a big deal and very dangerous to our lives. Stress can destroy our health and it definitely makes us "stress stupid", causing us to take ill thought out actions and make bad decisions. As to being a radiantly magical person, stress de-stabilises your entire system, causing magic to become unpredictable and disturbed.

Getting stress down is essential for all forms of magic, but what kind of spell can you do against stress when you're stressed already?

One of the best first aid spells against stress is the Storm Spell Chant.

It goes as follows:

Storms within
and storms without
storms above
and storms below,
in my center
only stillness
Its my will,
and it is so.

This spell against stress is a chant so you do this round and round again until you can start to feel yourself getting calmer, feeling stress flow out of your body, or radiate out; it works best done standing and moving, clapping your hands; if you are doing this sitting down, at least rock backwards and forwards as you clap your hands and find the rhythm.

Once you feel like you have stepped down and out of the fast oscillation of high stress, you can take a deep breath and now we can think about what other spell against stress we can do, or rather, what other magical action is needed for you to turn the tide on stress and start being proactive again.

"In the center only stillness" - we are now standing at a crossroads, right in the middle, and now we have magical choices as what we want to do next.

There are four ways you can go with spells against stress from here.

The first is to find a spell that is specific to that which causes you the most stress, such as a money spell if you're stressed about money, or a protection spell if you are stressed about being bullied at work, or under some kind of attack; a health spell if the main source of your stress is fear around health and sickness.

Most people try to do these spells whilst they're still under super high stress and that's never going to work. If you find yourself getting stressed out again as you think about what causes you stress, repeat the storm spell a few more times to calm down again before you do something more specific.

The second way you can go with magic is to draw more positive things into your life that will also alleviate the stress.

For example, if you are worried about losing your job and that's the main source of stress in your life, consider casting a spell (or having one cast) to find a job where you do not have to be worried about losing it.

If you are being bullied at work or at school, think of a positive quality that if you had it, you wouldn't be bullied anymore; or if you are sick, what positive energy forms you could draw into your life that would help the situation and relieve your stress.

As you can imagine, you have to be a lot calmer to even think in such positive terms, looking for positive solutions; and these kinds of spells against what causes you the most stress are in fact many times more powerful than the simpler, tit-for-tat money and protection spells.

The third type of spell we can use against stress is to call in the support of higher forces, or request luck, miracles, hope or joy in general, ask to be looked after, taken care of, and for our guardians, ancestors, angels, friends and guides to manifest in our lives to protect us and help us when stress is high and the going is tough.

The fourth type of spell against stress is to remove stress from your systems altogether by binding, repelling, changing or destroying the cause of stress. This includes one of my all time favourites, which is burning your stress; if people are the cause of your stress, they can be magically bound or protection can be placed between you and them.

  • Our "crossroads of anti-stress magic" illustrate nicely that once you aren't totally stressed any longer, MANY choices and options become apparent; we stop spinning our wheels, going into action, and it is eventually action (including magic action!) that will change the situation and put you back in control.

There was a reason why magicians of old used to meditate for hours before casting a spell; in the middle ages, they were well stressed out what with war, famine, plague and demons around every corner, and magic just doesn't work when the witch or magician is stressed.

So remember the 1st rule of spell vs stress - use a de-stressing spell first of all, like the Storm Chant above, find yourself at the crossroads and then pick one direction in which you want to go with your magic today.

Do this every night for a week, and you will build up a magical support network where the spells actually work together, your stress will start to diminish significantly, and your reality will take a shift for the better.

Sending a sparkling green waterfall filled with tiny sparks of light of stress clearing energy also,


May 2010

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