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Protection Spell Against A Person Who Wishes You Harm

Protection Spell Against A Person Who Wishes You Harm

Protection Spell Against Negative Influences, Spell To Counter Attacks, Spell To Neutralise Someone Who Wishes You Harm, Encapsulation Spell

If there is someone always on your case who wishes you ill, this is a powerful energy magic spell to disable the attacks without resorting to any negativity yourself.

I'm an energy magician so I don't use a lot of the paraphanalia of traditional witchcraft.

However, you can if you want to, surround this spell with any amount of bells and whistles you feel you need to strengthen it further. This might include casting a circle, calling in archangels or guides to assist you, considering what day or time of day might be the best for you and many other things besides.

I used this spell this morning and find it very helpful for disabling a negative person in my environment.

negative person protection spell bubble

When I do this spell, I raise energy first through myself, and visualise the negative person being enfolded in a bubble of clear, mirror smooth energy to keep their negativity inside.

This is an interesting manouvre because it has a dual action - this bubble in which they become encased contains their energy emissions absolutely and doesn't make any distinction between good or bad emissions. So should they think loving thoughts, they will be healed just the same as they will be getting painful repercussions from thinking or broadcasting ill thoughts.

Here is the core spell:

All acts of negativity
will now return threefold to thee.

All bad you try to send my way
upon your own self will hold sway.

All actions, thoughts and words of hate
become your own decided fate.

By all up high, the worlds and wise
by oceans wide and deep blue skies
by day and night, and powers three
this is my will, so mote it be!


*NB: The more power you can raise before you cast this spell, the longer lasting and more profound the spell becomes.

SFX 2006

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