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Spell Against Jealous & Vindictive Ex-Wife?

Spell Against Jealous & Vindictive Ex-Wife?

Jane writes: What kind of spell would be helpful for a jealous ex-wife? My husbands ex-wife is driving us nuts. They have been divorced for 10 years and have 2 children together that she uses against him constantly.

All he wants to do is spend time with the kids and she does everything in her power to not let that happen but then still takes him to court for more and more $$.

He is a wonderful father but she bad mouths him and makes the kids not like him or want to visit us. She even makes them call their step father daddy. It has been a living night mare and it is really sad and hurtful. She sends so much negative energy towards us it is really frustrating.

What would be a good spell for this type of situation. I don\'t want revenge or to harm anyone.

I just want her to understand that we have rights as parents and love the children just as much and all we want is some time with them without a hassle or a fight.

Thank you for any help or advice you might give me,



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Hi Jane

I reckon that the ex-wife is still hurting, and hurting badly.

Broken heart type of hurt if it hasn't healed for ten years, even with a new husband now.

So the most ecological way to make this situation better is to heal her, believe it or not. Once she is not in pain anymore, she can start thinking more clearly, she can forgive (it's easy then!) and act more lovingly too.

Distance healing, healing prayers for her heart, that's my advice.

It's funny how the highest spiritual advice (such as love thy enemy) is also actually very practical, because once she's healed, she won't be such a nuisance anymore and essentially ceases to be an enemy.

Here are a couple of easy healing spells that you can use:

From your end, try to not hate her. The breakup with her ex and your current man really must have hurt her badly and left deep injuries that are making her be still so vindictive so much later.

And every day, and all this time.

Whatever she's done, she's had well more punishment already than she probably ever deserved in the first place.

Let me know how that goes and blessings to all concerned, especially the kids,


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