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Easy Distant Healing Ritual

Here is a short story of something that happened just yesterday.
A friend visited us and told us he was worried about his father who had contracted pneumonia and was very ill.
Without thinking about it, I took a blue agate from the window sill. It was very cold in my hand, unusually so, and I said, We'll dedicate this stone to be your father and thus send him some healing.

I held the stone between the palms of both hands to make the connection to this gentleman I've never met, gave my healing and support intention, then passed the stone to the next person in the group.

Everyone took a turn, even the children present. No-one asked or needed to ask what they were supposed to do; the stone made it easy and completely natural to focus their prayer for his well being. Each person did it fast and with high intensity, which is what works the best and it did not take very long at all.

When the stone came back to me, I sealed the healing intentions and then made a little comfortable nest for the stone from a tiny bowl with some cotton wool in which I placed it on the household altar.

And that was that. We got on with what we were doing.

Three days later, I passed the altar in the afternoon and got a clear message that the stone had finished its task. I took it from its nest, send a final blessing to the unknown gentleman far away, cleared the stone and put it back where it had originally come from.

This is extremely easy, immensely natural and the whole thing just flowed, completely integrated into the general activities and I believe that is exactly how magic should be - a part of our every day life and something you just do when you're called upon to do it.

SFX Jan 2005

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