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Spell Against Controlling & Dominating Father

Spell Against Controlling & Dominating Father

Tari writes: Dear Starfields, Please help me My father is very dominating and has too much control over me. He does not allow me to see my boyfriend. I'm 28 years old, and have to be back home at 7 pm and can never stay the night or weekends with my boyfriend. This is effecting my relationship with my boyfriend. My father does not accept my boyfriend and told him to leave our home.

I do so much for my father and help him with his paperwork and cook and clean for him since my mother passed away. All I get from him is abuse and he enjoys his life. Please help me. I feel so sad and hopeless. All I want is my freedom, happiness and peace. Thank you.

Hi Tari,

I've tried and tried to see the bright side here or find a good reason like "he only wants to protect you" but I'm afraid all I am getting is that your father is a SELFISH GIT who is USING YOU to make his days more comfortable and doesn't give a damn about YOUR incarnation.

Where's the love? as they say.

Being unselfish and helping others cuts both ways. You can't have one person being unselfish and another being totally selfish, or else the trade doesn't work.

Now, I don't know what your religious persuasion is or that of your father, but whatever it is, I am sure there is something about selfishness being a bad thing in there.

There are two different approaches you can take, and both do more or less the same thing.

No. 1 is the "safe revenge spell" which you can find here:

Safe Revenge Spell

It's not just a revenge spell, but in fact a CHANGE spell for another, I've just called it a revenge spell for the keywords and all :-) Send him the understanding of the virtue of service and being unselfish during this ritual.

The second approach is to pray to your God/prophet/entity of choice to open up your father's heart and make him less selfish.

Bear in mind this is for his own good (we are being kinder here than he is being!) because when judgement day comes, the likes of him will get into serious trouble and that's a fact.

In both choices, you can really call upon all the power of your frustration and anger PLUS all the power of love and wanting your father to be a good person and happy, which makes these spells particularly powerful and also safe to use, so you don't hurt any part of yourself inadvertently.

In the meantime, I shall send you a charge of bright white light, the clear cut light of unconditional regard

Be blessed,


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