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Viking Futhark Runes - Divination, Meanings & Games

Viking Futhark Runes - Divination, Meanings & Games

The Viking Futhark runes are very old and very fascinating. The word "runa" means mystery. Because of their very simplicity, they are also very flexible and a great starting point for beginners. Here are all the Futhark symbols, their meanings, a Futhark font to play with, Futhark symbols to print and cut out plus rune divination and learning games.



Have fun learning the viking futhark rune symbols!

Here are all the rune symbols, their images and meanings




Learn The Viking Futhark With These Simple Rune Games

runes for printing out

Print out the viking runes (they will work in black and white) and cut them out.

Write their meanings and names on the back in brief or how you interpret what those meanings mean.

Now try some questions and divinations, such as:


Runes For a simple Yes No decision:


Rune 1 = The Benefits, Rune 2 = The Risks or Downsides, Rune 3 = The Unexpected.

Lay the runes in a line or in a triangle. When they are in a triangle, things get very magical, meditative and far more interesting.

As an additional move, place one "outcome" or "decision" rune into the center of the triangle.

As always with runes, look at THE WHOLE STRUCTURE OR GRID and learn something as you do about your path and purposes.



A magical rune exploration:

1 rune in the center that's where I will be;

one above is the highest guidance for me;

one below me that shows the past that has been,

one behind me to show me the wisdom I've seen;

one in front that unveils the future to know

all together an important truth they will show.



4 1 5


This is the original core of the "celtic cross". Speak the words as you place the runes.


Runes for a more complex decision:

3 Runes of the past that stand in my way,

to clear them and all that is old now away;

3 Runes of the present for me to know,

my strength and my weakness just right and just so;

3 Runes of the future so that I may see,

what is best way and action for me.


That is a really nice, deep and very magical meditation. The runes end up in the 3x3 grid and you can read them any way then, it makes for a very nice multi-dimensional matrix.


Viking Runes and Names

Click HERE TO DOWNLOADa free font for Windows (NOT Mac!) called Futhark.

Download it and put it into your fonts library, usually found at C:/WINDOWS/Fonts on your own computer.

Now call up any word processor and choose the font, Futhark, from the fonts list.

You can now type any name or question and you will get a set of runes.

Check out the meanings and see what comes up when you COMBINE THE RUNES in that way. Remember they were originally an alphabet which was meant to be used in this combined format, not each letter on its own.

This is a fun and very easy way to get very deep rapport and understanding of the essence of the Viking runes quickly, as well as learning from the start to use them AS AN EXPRESSIVE AND INTERACTIVE ALPHABET.


Have fun,

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