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Rose Magic: Roses On My Altar

Rose Magic: Roses On My Altar

There's nothing like a red rose for a love spell - or a sacrifice, for that matter.

Here's an example of magic with roses, using the magic of roses for romantic purposes, sexy purposes and in general, to really give a lift to the whole incarnation ...

Magic Roses On My Altar

There's nothing like a red rose for a love spell - or a sacrifice, for that matter. Here's an example of magic with roses, using the magic of roses for romantic purposes, sexy purposes and in general, to really give a lift to the whole incarnation ...

I have recently had the good fortune to fall in love (again) and seriously, there's nothing quite like it in all the worlds, in all the times spent.

It's such a charge to the whole energy system, magic crackles electric in your finger tips and reality just bows before you and does as its told for once!

Now many people only ever turn to magic to get something, they only ever whine for this, that and the other, money, love, the usual. It's a sad state of affairs. Magic works best from a place of power, and the more power, the better it works.

Power in magic equates to how happy you are, how strong you feel, how beautiful and how beloved by the Universe itself. I keep telling people that when you're heart broken, spells don't work, you need to do your Heart Healing first, power up the whole system, get your mojo back. It's completely true.

So, I've fallen in love and could not be happier - of course, and again :-)

A great time for a love spell! What better time could there be ... To really go to town, to celebrate not necessarily the lover but the grace of the Universe itself to put him before me. Right time, right place,

THANK YOU, powers that be!

Red Roses on my magic altar

So that's why I have red roses on my magic altar. As a thank you, as a celebration, as a "sacrifice" - much misunderstood, that word ...

So that the powers that be really get it I'm happy and I want more of this good stuff, more love, more excitement, more happiness. Empowerment across the board.

It's incredibly easy to "meditate" on love as I light the candles and cast a spell. It's easy to charge up all manner of relationships, when there's love, there's plenty of love to go around.

Magic Rose Petals In A GlassThis rose magic explosion is also charging and empowering my household altar and from there, the entire house. An excellent opportunity to charge jewellery, crystals, pendants, charms, amulets and other ritual items with the red rose magic energy.

There's more.

Roses will eventually wilt, and you definitely don't want wilted roses on your altar!

So they need to be replaced on a regular basis. But having been a part of this happy celebration, the petals themselves are resonant and still very powerful in their own right.

Now, you can do all sorts with those "love petals."

I'm not fond of drying them for a rainy day, although that certainly could be done.

They could be used as an ingredient for a love spell for someone else, or for a love potion.

You could use the petals in oil and thus convert a simple oil (rose hip, sunflower, starflower, baby etc) into a love oil. Which can have a hundred and one uses along the line ... :-)

Blessing the property with magic love rose petals

I take the petals and throw them all over my garden and use them for a love blessing for the entire property.

Blessing the mercedesToday, I used them on my car, too.


Spread a little happiness as you walk by ...

The wind will eventually take them but there are always some remaining, which make me smile when I walk through the garden.

The "rose in the hand" is another thing which came out of this trip. I've been around people for a long time who talk only of "healing hands" but of course, hands can be so much more than that. Sexy hands. Hands of power. Hands to shape reality ...

The next time, you want to tell someone you love them, take a rose, just the flower itself, conceal it in your hand then hold it out to them. It's a very magical thing indeed.

And if you're not quite ready for the red roses, try pink or white roses instead. Red is physical, sexual love; white is pure spiritual love, and pink is the romantic, youthful love that lies in between them. Yellow roses are for friendship, and orange roses for friends with benefits :-)

There's lots of fun to be had with magic roses on the altar.

And if you are not in love, and want to be?

Well, putting some roses on your altar might be a start. Let the powers that be know you're ready and willing to engage. It's a first step in the right direction :-)

Roses to all,


November 2012


Rose Hand Magic Painting

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