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Triple Strength Rose Oil For The Perfect Love Spell

Triple Strength Rose Oil For The Perfect Love Spell

Whether you do a spell to fall in love, a spell to attract a new lover, a ritual to catch a particular individual, or whether you want to spice up your existing relationships with magic spells and potions, you definitely need this triple strength power rose oil love spell recipe. It isn't difficult to make at all and once you have it, you can use it on all and any relationship - even to attract the love of the angels!

Love potion triple strength love oil bottle

Triple Strength Rose Oil -

The Perfect Love Spell Ingredient

Let's start at the beginning.

Each anointing/magical oil potion needs a carrier or base oil for the ingredients.

This carrier amplifies and supports the vibrations and intentions of all the other ingredients.

In our triple strength love potion oil recipe, we start with a very special carrier oil:

Rosehip Oil or Rosa Mosqueta

Rosehip Oil For Love Spell Oil

A carrier oil made out of the fruit of roses, carrying the concentrated essence of rose? What might that be useful for, we might wonder?

Love, love, love - of course.

This is the first choice oil for love potions, anointing oils for love spells, and spell type perfumes and rituals of all kinds.

But don't stop there.

Love is a multisplendoured thing and that carrier wave of love in *any* potion can be absolutely wonderful. Think for a moment of making a ritual oil for spiritual development based on rosehip oil and you can get a sense of what that is.

Rosehip oil is about falling in love - it could be with an idea, a skill, your health, prosperity, yourself, the world. A person who is in love has wings on their feet, and that empowering, lifting delightful action can be applicable in many more places than just in love spells.

This is also an excellent oil, you could say an antidote in and of itself, for those who need to heal a broken heart, or scars left by living in the world.

Love heals everything, empowers everything.

Making Rose Oils For Anointing, Wearing, Rituals & Spells

Use Rosehip Oil carrier oil (available from all good aromatherapist shops worldwide) for the base. As you can see above, this is already more than half the potion - just by itself and without any further ado, we have a powerful rose love potion oil for all purposes.

Now we can think of personalising and strengthening it further.

For example, you can add Rose aromatherapy essence oil - just a couple of drops to scent and "awaken" the rosehip carrier, lifting it up to a higher plane and at the same time, anchoring it down because you can smell the rose now in the mixture - it has "arrived" right here, if you will.

What I particularly like is to bring in some rose petals at this point as well, as a reminder that we want our rose oil to cross the boundaries of the planes of existence, and be everywhere, working powerfully on our behalf.

Choose a beautiful bottle, fill it halfway with the rosehip carrier oil and add a drop or two of rose essential oil if you have it.

Now, add some rose petals to the oil as follows:

White Rose Love Spell Illustration

  • White Rose - spiritual love, soul mate love, pure love, eternal love, unconditional love.

That is a most powerful anointing oil for use with your guardian angels, guides, saints and helpful spirits, or even the Creative Order itself. It can be used for a person too, of course, and you can wear it yourself to attract that form of vibration.

Red Rose Magical Properties Illustration

  • Red Rose - passionate love, earthly love, sexual love

This is the classic "love potion" right here - very powerful indeed. I would advise against using this one on saints and angels!

Love potion pink rose illustration

  • Pink Rose - romantic love, tender love, gentle love

This is best advised for virgins, young people and those who have had bad experiences in the past and need to get going more slowly, and in a protected, cherished way.

Yellow rose magic love oil illustration

  • Yellow Rose - platonic love, deep friendship, understanding, true companionship

The yellow rose rose oil can be used to deepen understanding between existing partners; it can be used to make a stronger relationship and to find out more about angels, guides, prophets and the Creative Order in general. The yellow rose rose oil can be used to find friends, but also to add that dimension of deep understanding and awareness to an existing relationship where there might be trouble.

  • Orange Rose - Joyful love, happy love, party spirit, light, bright, dancing love

The orange rose oil is about the joy of love, all the aspects where you are happy, exuberant, you want to sing and dance and your joy spills over and affects all those around you, bringing a festival spirit with you wherever you go. This can be the perfect antidote for those who have only experienced "serious" love or a lot of heartache, or those given to taking things way too much to heart. In all forms of relationships, orange rose oil can bring back the light, playful, joyous and happy aspects of love - and that definitely includes dancing with the spirits, the angels or the Creative Order itself which is never dour and heavy.


Of course, it is perfectly possible to "mix and match" the rose petals and a 360' rose oil love potion might well contain them all!


Triple Strength Rose Love Oil Potion: 1001 Uses ...

Most people tend to think of these kinds of love potions to be used just the once, to find a partner in the first place.

The truth is that all relationships go through phases, and sometimes more romance is needed, sometimes a more gentle approach, and sometimes you might want to re-light your fires of passion with a bang.

This triple strength love oil will certainly help you on your way.

It is easy to make and once you have it, has a thousand and one uses, indeed.

Here are some examples:

  • Anoint yourself - wear as a perfume, draw a heartshape on your forehead, touch to your fingernails. Also perfect for use to create a magical bath. Take it easy with the quantities - this is strong stuff and also could cause skin irritations in some people.
  • Anoint your clothes & accessories - put a drop on your clothes, your jewellry, on your robes.
  • Anoint your ritual tools - anoint your wand, dagger (athame), pentacle, cup etc. dedicating it all to love and the experience of love. Very nice.
  • Anoint a candle - choose a candle andΒ  rub the triple strength rose oil on and into the candle whilst focussing on the intent and before you light it. As the candle burns, the intent is released into the Universe for you.
  • Anoint gifts and objects - add a drop to an offering for fairies, angels, saints etc; rub a little on any object that belongs to a target person.
  • Anoint a crystal - one of my favourites. Simply sit and focus on the outcome and give your best crystal a massage with the magic rose oil to tell it of your intent and so it can help broadcast it on the multi-level.
  • Anoint ink and paint - add a drop of rose oil to ink for writing letters and spells, or in painting magic art, and symbol.
  • Anoint rooms and houses - by drawing a small pentagram or a star or a heart or all of it on a door, window, mirror;

Also remember that triple strength magic rose oil makes for a FANTASTIC gift for a friend in need!


March 2007

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