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Potion To Protect The Innocence of a Child

This is a very powerful protection ritual/potion for a child, past or present. It is also simultanously a healing potion for a child, because it creates a safe space for a child's soul to heal and then, to grow up strong and well. To make this potion and deliver it I would consider a sacred service.


Potion to Protect The Innocence of a Child

(Protect the Soul of a Child)

Potion Carrier or Receptor Base:

  • Water for drinking
  • OR oil for anointing
  • OR a receptive stone, such as a milky quartz or rose quartz pebble. .


  • Tear
  • Stardust
  • Sun
  • Moon


  • Star Stone
  • Essences Burner


  • 3 days to make, 7 days to apply.


1. The Dedication Ritual

One of the four core components of this potion is a tear cried for the child. This is what completely personalises the potion to the specific child.

There is always a good reason why someone would create a protection potion of this kind for a child present or past, here or now; such things are not done when there isn't a serious problem and one that cannot be fixed with aspirin or another serving of green vegetables.

To gather the tear, find a darkened room and place two white candles on a suitable surface.

Light them.

Look to the space between them to SEE the child, with all senses, all eyes, on all levels and all layers.*

* Do NOT use a photograph for this. It is a disturbance rather than a full representation of all the child is/was/will become.

Allow compassion, grace, love and desire for assistance to rise to the point where you cry for the child.

A single teardrop caught on the leaf of a plant or the petal of a flower, or any absorbent material is more than enough.

Place the teardrop and the receptor oil/water/stone in an essences burner for 24 hours exactly.


2. Now, remove the teardrop and place a star stone to the essences burner for a further 24 hours exactly.

This requests that this potion be made over three days and always at the same time, so allow in your planning for this.


3. To finalise the potion, place it outside where it has a clear view of the sky for moon and sun energies, once more for exactly 24 hours.

When the 3rd 24 hour period has passed, bring the potion back inside and seal it by drawing or affixing a star to the bottle/container.

Now, it is ready for use.

Use this potion on the child in a ONE DROP QUANTITY each day for a week. This holds the same for offering for example, one drop in a glass of water before bedtime, or a drop of oil on your fingertip for a surreptitious anointing on any part of the child's body.

After the week has passed, throw the rest of the potion and the bottle away.

It is done and it will stay done.


NB. You can do this potion/ritual for your own self (inner child) and for other adults too, not just for children.


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