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How To Make A Star Stone

How To Make A Star Stone

A "star stone" is my term for a crystal or other form of carrier, such as the dichroic cabochon depicted here, which has been charged with stardust - fairy dust, pixie dust, the very magic components of reality itself.

It is used in an essences burner to easily transfer the essence of stardust to a potion or another third party item, or by itself for meditation and renewal, and in rituals.

In order to make a star stone, you have to go to the causal plane and draw the stardust into the stone or carrier here in the hard through your own psychic circuitry.

This is easier than it sounds, and here is the meditation to do it.

A beautiful dichroic cabochon that will become a star stone

1. Hold the stone and close your eyes. If you have any meditation music that isn't too disturbing but can help create a sacred space for you to step across, put it on your headphones. This will help filter out background disturbances and makes it easier to slide into the requisite space.

2. Step across and into the other dimensions. Whatever you see there, remember this is only a translation we make in our minds to make sense of what is happening and we are not dealing with real mountains or trees.

3. Let one after the other all things disappear that are unnecessary until you are left only with ground below and sky above.

4. Now, let go of gravity which is the last component which holds it all together and you will find that everything rises, raises and lifts and becomes stardust - tiny glittering existences of light.

5. Call the stardust to you and into the carrier stone you are holding. Let it stream in until you feel it is fully charged, full up with stardust.

6. Slowly move back into your own space of time and mind, open your eyes and in your hand, there is now an active star stone.



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