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Nightime Sleep Spell/Dedication

Nightime Sleep Spell/Dedication

Spell Keywords - Better sleep, go to sleep quicker, wake up less tired, insomnia, sleep more deeply, easier re-entry for astral travellers at night, better flow from sleep to being awake.

 Place your hands in the Heart Position and breathe deeply.

When you are ready, make the following statement of intent (speak the spell).

Turn off the light immediately afterwards!


The time has come
to let my body rest
and gently, I drift

from the day
and into the night
starlit bright,
the colour blessed dimensions
are awaiting me.

There I will do
my work and my play
until it is time
to return to the day

Smooth and gentle
ocean wide,
in and out
in even Flow -

Now I bid myself goodnight
and with that,
turn out the light.


SFX 2004


  • This is for general use not for clinical  insomniacs.
  • Do a search for "sleep" to find more potions, spells, rituals and suggestions on the topic.

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