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Magic Objects, Power Objects & Mystic Items

Shona asked, "My grandmother left me a shell charm when she passed away. She said it was a magic power charm. What is a magic object? What do I do with it? I don't like it very much!"

Here it is:What Is A "Magic Power Object"? | An Important Safety Note On Freaky Magic Objects/Cursed Objects | What To Do With An Unwanted Magical Object | What Makes A Good Magic Power Object? | Magic Objects - Don't Clutter! | The Power Object Party | Magic Power Objects - In Conclusion

Magic Object - A pikachu in the hand


First things first.

What Is A "Magic Power Object"?

A power object is something that has energy which empowers the person who uses it.

You can think of it as a missing jig saw puzzle piece, or a light bulb that is needed to complete a circuit so it lights up.

All objects have an energetic existence as well as a physical existence; and some objects have a NATURAL RESONANCE with a certain person that has an empowering or beneficial effect.

The object may make you feel happy, it may help you feel stronger, it may feel as though it brings luck - a power object is like having a positive, helpful friend.

An Important Safety Note On Freaky Magic Objects/Cursed Objects

* Important Note! The magic power object must, and I repeat, MUST, make you feel better and absolutely not worse. By that I mean that any object that you dislike, that scares you, that makes you feel queasy or doubtful, is not the right object for you and will take away from your power, not add to it.

Collecting freaky magical objects to somehow tame their power for some nefarious reason is one of those things where wannabe magicians go wrong in a big way.

Surrounding yourself with freaky magical objects is a sure fire way into mental, emotional and eventually, physical ill health.

Finding objects that feel beautiful, wonderful and uplifting to you (if not to anyone else in the whole wide world!) on the other hand, empowers you, makes you stronger and a much better energy magician in the long run.


To be a good magical object *for you* it has to be a good friend. It has to be *loved.*

The more loved the object is, the more powerful an ally it becomes and the better it is to have this object with you.

Now to answer Shona's question, if she doesn't like the shell object her grandmother used to love, it is not going to be a helpful power object *for Shona.*


What To Do With An Unwanted Magical Object

Shona could return the object to source - throw it into the sea, into a river, leave it a field or anywhere in nature where its energy will slowly return to neutral over time.

Shona could also take the shell to the place where her grandmother was buried, laid to rest, or a favourite place the grandmother liked to visit, and leave it there, with love.

The third approach might be to put the shell into a box and perhaps one day, one of Shona's children will appreciate it and it will find a home there.

These options are open for Shona.

And then, and only if she wants this, Shona might want to start seeking her own magical objects.


What Makes A Good Magic Power Object?

The thing with magical objects that serve as powerful personal totems is that they are entirely personal.

They don't have to be materially impressive in any way, or mystically meaningful in the muppet sense of, "Oh it's got to be a special crystal hand dug from the mines of Avalon ..."

Among my own magical objects is a small plastic sculpture of a laughing Pikachu dancing on a Pokeball. It is materially worth absolutely nothing, but it makes me feel good. I've loved it ever since I first saw it and I have had it for years. It still makes me smile, every time I see it, and I see it often, because it sits on a shelf above the kitchen sink.

Chances are, you already have quite a few magical items in your possession. By being consciously aware what your special items are, you are taking a good step forward in the study of magic.

By keeping all your 6 senses wide open to find new power objects as you go through life, things that can help you grow stronger and evolve, you are unlocking a fascinating part of the real magic person's journey.

Finally, I would suggest you ask other people about their "special things."

Magic is natural to people and whether they know this or not, they can't live without it. It is fascinating to discover what magical items people have chosen, and to become aware how people interact with their power objects and personal totems - even if they have absolutely no idea that's what these things really are.


Magic Objects - Don't Clutter!

By all means, seek out your own personal magic power objects and love them dearly. This empowers the objects and sets up a feedback loop that empowers you.

Do try to keep your magic clutter to a minimum though. Piling power object up doesn't lead to more power - in magic, much less is often the key to much, much more.

The end result we are trying to achieve is to have a fully evolved energy system which may function without material objects (which you can't take on your soul's journey when you die).


The Power Object Party

Every so often, sit down with your magic power objects and spend time with each one of them. Think back on the younger aspect of you who acquired this. What was the need, what was the purpose? Do you, now, still need this, or has this now been outgrown? Is there something else that needs to be done now?

Most importantly, is it time to trade up to a new and different power object?

Something else I advise is to bring out all your power objects together and put them into context.

When they are all together, do they all work together to support you? Are there any "guests at the party who bring the entire party down"? If so, don't feel bad about removing objects that don't further the greater good.

You can create a fascinating matrix with your power objects, which can also help you discover holes in the grid that might need to be filled by a magical object you are yet to discover.


Magic Power Objects - In Conclusion

Power objects, as all things in modern energy magic, are here to serve us, to help us, to uplift us, to help us grow up and expand, evolve, get to the next level in our journey.

They are not supposed to drag us down, weigh us down, confuse us or hold us back.

Magical objects are wonderfully personal and a real special bonus for magical people.

Enjoy yours - and look forward to the ones you are still to find.


With best blessings,



March 2016

Here it is:What Is A "Magic Power Object"? | An Important Safety Note On Freaky Magic Objects/Cursed Objects | What To Do With An Unwanted Magical Object | What Makes A Good Magic Power Object? | Magic Objects - Don't Clutter! | The Power Object Party | Magic Power Objects - In Conclusion


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