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How to use

Energy Magic Symbols

in every day life

1. Please understand that energy magic works with positives. So, if someone is annoying you, you will not find a symbol here entitled, "Pain" or "Suffering" or "Hellfire" which you can then paint on their doors by the way of revenge or warfare. This form of old fashioned tit-for-tat has no place in magic, as the old "Rule of Three" warns about - what you send out, you get back. You could also say, what you align yourself with, what you enter, BECOMES in your reality.

Magic is a more intelligent form of dealing with the environment than a gun, or an axe.

You need to *think* a little to use it well - but luckily, the creative order has given us all great brains, we just need to get used to wanting to use them again.

So, if you are looking for a protection spell against an aggressor, you need to sit down and consider not how you make them weaker, but yourself stronger.

Look at the list of symbols and pick something that if it was STRONGER or you had MORE of it, the attack would become immaterial and you would be perfectly well defended.

For example, Strength, Dominion, Courage, Luck, Support, Magic, Peace and Harmony could all be called upon to stop anyone from even wanting to victimise you.

2. Choose your symbol/s by intuition. We often "think" all sorts of things because we were taught or entrained to think that way. Magic isn't done by thinking but by gut feeling, sensations, intuition. Don't argue with yourself and let your instincts guide you to the right symbol/s.

3. You can use these symbols in all manner of ways. They are all straightforward and easy to copy. You can make a simple line drawing or build a symbol into a logo or image of your own. You can draw the symbol in the air to bless objects, people, places. You can draw the symbols with your fingertip on surfaces, on doors, houses, pillows and even on a person. You can decorate candles with the symbols and thus dedicate them to the essence in question (that makes a very nice gift) and make jewelry, mobiles, talismans and in fact all and any magical application is open to using these.

*Please note that these symbols are only available for private and personal use; anything that involves selling objects or making money out of the symbols needs to be licensed correctly. All symbols are created by the copyright holder SFX StarFields.  The mis-use of magical objects is dangerous!

4. These symbols are also very good for meditation purposes to call these essences into your life. The symbols are pure, clean, non-denominational and energy magic devices.

Use The Symbols Well And Be Blessed.

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