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Raspberry is a cool magical ingredient, giving two important components - the sexy fruit, and the plant itself, which is a tough survivor. Raspberry lends itself to a huge variety of love spells, healing spells and all manner of energy magic potions. 

Here are a some examples on how to use the magic Raspberry energy.

  • Make a potion using an essences burner or just stand a glass of clean water on the leaves for one hour (additional sunshine always helps)
  • Wear the leaves in a pouch around your neck, over your heart
  • Put some Raspberry leaves under your pillow
  • Use winter harvested stems from the Raspberry plant for sexy, luscious dream magic (in an essences burner, under your pillow, in a pouch)
  • Eat the Raspberry fruit using the Magic Jelly Bean spell
  • Offering Raspberry fruit as a gift to your favourite female angels/fairies/deities is good
  • Putting Raspberry twigs in a flower vase to bring that clean luxury energy into the room
  • Putting up a picture or painting with Raspberries, or using the colours of the fruit, leaves and stems for energy magic Home Harmony.



There's a 1001 ways in which the magical Raspberry with its dual functions of sexy, luscious deliciousness and inherent toughness and adaptability can be used, by itself as a energy magic herbal simple, or in conjunction with other things. 

Raspberry is an awesome energy magic ingredient!



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