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Gold Magic: Money Spells & Potions In 24 Carat Gold

Gold Magic: Money Spells & Potions In 24 Carat Gold

Want some really cool money spells and money potions? Here is a simple but very effective way of creating excellent money spells, super-charging your money spells, making your own prosperity potions by shifting your energetic vibration to become more attractive to money and wealth and feel like a million dollars - and all you need is a little gold ...

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Gold As A Major Magical Ingredient In Energy Magic

24 Carat Gold Leaf Sheet & the Stardust Genius Symbol

I was gold leafing a set of wearable Genius Symbols this morning, and in the process, got tiny little flecks of 24 carat gold all over me - stuck to my hands, in my hair, on my clothes. I noticed this when I got up and saw that I was sparkling!

It made me smile but later I noticed that I was really feeling very prosperous. Very on top of my finances. And I had some excellent ideas for a new business project which seemed to have come out of nowhere.

If you think about it, it's fairly obvious - coat yourself in gold dust, and of course this is going to change your energetic alignment, and put a right sparkle in your aura :-)

Gold is THE major ingredient for all types of success spells; gold is the big one as far as earthly wealth and success is concerned, both metaphorically as well as practically. All countries in the world hold gold reserves and that's their earthly wealth in a nutshell (or in a large vault, as the case may be.)

Gold is also very spiritual as it represents the sun, represents the soul; so it is in gold that spirituality and the Hard come together and agree - gold is THE symbol for being rich, for being a shiny soul, for achieving SUCCESS in this life in every way it can be measured.

There is another interesting thing about the actual real substance that is gold in the Hard, namely that it is edible and non-allergenic. Meaning you can eat it, wear it, drink it, it won't hurt your physicality.

This is not usually the case with most other hard manifestations of magical substances; and here, gold gives us an endless opportunity to use in spells for prosperity, money spells, wealth spells and even soul spells - all at the same time.

And you don't need a huge amount of expensive, precious gold as my experience this morning shows. You just need a little gold leaf and that goes a long way.

Here are some ideas for fun money spells and gold applications.

Money Potion Prosperity Water

Money Magic Potion: Gold ring at the bottom of a bottle of mineral water

We can imprint water by placing it on or with a substance; so you can take a piece of gold of any kind, such as a gold ring, put it in a bottle of mineral water, leave it under moon and sun for a 24 cycle and then drink it to shift your energetic vibration towards being golden and rich rather than miserable and poor.

In the picture you can see a simple 9 carat gold ring in a bottle of mineral water; that's so easy to do, one of the simplest and most profound forms of beginner's magic, water imprinting.

Note: I recommend the energetic cleaning of any type of gold jewellery by placing it on a bed of rock salt for at least 24 hours prior to doing this and then rinsing it under running water before putting it in the bottle to imprint so any old energy forms that were stuck to the jewellery are being removed.

You can also use gold leaf and gold powder as long as it is the edible 24 carat gold variety.

For further and slightly different types of money potions, try the gold in other liquids, including wine, champagne and brandy; this has a myriad of applications in all sorts of spells and rituals.


Money Spell Prosperity Shower Ritual

Money Spell Shower/bath ritual gel with 24 carat gold flakes

This simple magic ritual I really like and recommend highly. Find some wonderful shower gel or any type of soapy stuff you would use under the shower, something that really turns you on, and don't look at the price tag on this occasion. Choose something see-through, not the milky kind if you can, that makes it more fun.

Put some gold leaf into the shower gel bottle and break it up with a stick so you've got bits of gold floating all through, or alternatively use gold powder, then use this to give your aura a right old golden shine and wash all traces of poverty, failure, misery and whatever else with intention and volition.

As simple as this is, it's awesome and will absolutely shift what you are going to attract that day; and with long term use, will completely transform your incarnation.

Money Ritual Gold Oil

What could be easier and more wonderful to make a magic anointing oil using gold leaf or gold dust?

Combine that with say, Starflower Oil, Sunflower Oil (that would be my choice, obviously, because it is such a good match) and we have a wonderful anointing oil for your person or any magical implement.

You can also use this when making aromatherapy based magic oils for any purpose.

Don't forget the sun=gold=soul metaphysical aspect of this whole deal; gold is not just about money, it's about success, full stop.


Money Spell Prosperity Golden Jelly Bean

This is a pattern from EMO which is really great.

Essentially, you take a jelly bean (or similar thing that can be eaten all at once), and use the following pattern:

IF I eat this jelly bean,

THEN (this is going to happen)!

You get to choose what you want to have happen, let's say, "I'm going to strike it rich!" as an example.

Hold the jelly bean in the palm of one hand, put the other hand underneath the first hand.

Take a deep breath, focus on the jelly bean and say,

"IF I eat this jelly bean,

THEN I will strike it rich!"

Now take a moment and if you can feel anything in your body, any tension, any fear or resistance, let that flow away until you really WANT to eat the jelly bean.

Note: This cannot be undone. Once you eat the thing, it will become a part of your structure, so be sure you really want this, that all of you wants this, and that this is the right thing to do BEFORE you eat it! You can't uneat the jelly bean once it has been eaten!

Money Magic Spell Magic Jelly Baby, gold leafed!

And here's the twist - on this occasion, we're going to add a piece of 24 carat (edible) gold leaf to the jelly bean, so it's a golden jelly bean.

That makes for a great money spell and really puts "gold in your system" once and for all.

I didn't have a jelly bean at hand so I took the opportunity to gold leaf a Jelly Baby instead - good fun! And that's what magic should always do, make you feel happy, excited, joyous - that's my kind of magic, to be sure. And I attest to the eating of my gold leafed magic prosperity Jelly Baby as having been enormously enjoyable :-)

Note: You can do this as a group or a family with one gold imbued jelly bean per person. Excellent and very powerful.

As you can see, real 24 carat gold leaf affords endless opportunity to create all manner of prosperity spells and to really charge up all other money/prosperity spells you might like to do.

As I mentioned, you can also get gold powder which you can use too and which can be sprinkled like fairy dust on anything and anyone at all who needs the power of gold in their existences and auras.

Gold leaf is inexpensive; look it up on Google. I would recommend a reliable supplier, for example for edible or culinary gold leaf and gold powder to be sure you really get 24 carat gold leaf and it won't cost a lot. One pack of ten little pieces of gold leaf might cost 20 dollars and will provide you with enough ingredients to make all sorts of spells, so it's an excellent investment in a rich, golden and magical future.

Simple, fun, effective - that's my kind of magic!

Golden blessings to all,


March 2012

Magic Jelly Bean for Money Spell



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Following doing some of these gold spells during a solar storm, we came up with a lovely modern energy magic pattern using Energy EFT called "The Heart of Gold."

This is an *excellent* thing to do for yourself, with a group or your whole family. It really works a charm, too. You can find the full free Energy EFT Script "Heart of Gold" here.

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