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Good Magic VS Evil Magic

Good Magic VS Evil Magic

A Visitor asked:

I would like to know the difference between good magic and evil magic.


A Visitor Asked: I would like to know the difference between good and evil magic.

Right so. This question can't be answered without doing this first.

Some people believe that all magic is evil. These tend to be the same people who are praying hardcore to all sorts of spirits, wearing funny hats, drinking wine and pretending it's blood and all manner of other magical shenanigans. What they're saying is that "all magic is evil apart from the magic we do, which isn't magic at all but in fact the only one true religion and how you get into paradise." They are clearly deluded.

Some people believe that all magic is good. Those are the people who reckon that the real God is not an angry old man but in fact a huge creational field and basically say, "If God didn't want us to do magic, it wouldn't have given us the power to do so. Like legs. To walk with." Their motto is "Do as thou will."

Some people believe there is black magic and white magic, and now we come to the good vs evil magic. That's where people say good or white magic is where you are nice to other people and harm nobody, and bad or evil or black magic is where you are nasty to other people and want to harm them.

This has the problem that ...

a) now we have to define what "being nice" and "being nasty" means and depending where you stand, that can encompass all sorts of things (like if you take the heroin away from a heroin addict and making them suffer terribly, is that being nice, or is it being nasty? Discuss ... );

b) that magic whilst being terrified of accidentally doing something bad even if you didn't mean to tends to really just suck; and

c) that the cool stuff is only to be found in black magic, and you have to declare yourself to be evil before you can touch it. Which also sucks.

The way I've dealt with it is to go with my 6th sense, aka intuition or gut instinct, as to what is good magic or bad magic.

  • If it feels wrong, gives you a stomach ache, a head ache or makes you want to vomit, it's "bad magic."

Not evil magic or black magic, just *bad* magic.

If it feels right, good, makes your heart sing, makes you happy, makes you feel amazed, powerful, tingling, joyful, wanting to dance around because you're glad to be alive, then it's "good magic." You're doing something that's right.

A lot of black magic spells just feel hideous. But there are plenty of so called "white magic" or "good honest Wiccan spells" that make me want to throw up. An example that springs to mind was a supposed love spell someone submitted to the site which contained cactus milk and cat hair! Eeeough!!!! Nothing good can come of it!

So this is my advice and this is not just for magic.

You come across a spell, (or an idea, or cookbook recipe, or an article, or a book, or a TV program, a person!) and you go inside and ask yourself, how does this make me feel? and the answer is Eeeough!!! then DON'T DO IT. Walk away.

If you check and something inside you goes Yay! Wheyhey! I love that!!! then engage with it further.

It's a simple principle, it shows God that you have a measure of trust in its designs and wisdom, and works really, really well in practice.

Good magic rules KO.



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