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Black Magic VS White Magic - What's The Difference?

Black Magic VS White Magic - What's The Difference?

Black Magic Power System | Black Magic VS White Magic Core Principle | The Problems With Black Magic | How White Magic Power Works | Black Magic Vs White Magic In Brief - find out about White VS Black Magic and choose your path. 

Black Magic VS White Magic - What's The Difference?

To explain this, let's have a look at the Energy Chart.

Energy Chart for Black Magic Vs White Magic Article

This chart was made for the human energy body and what happens when you add energy, or take energy away.

When we add energy and a person gets "higher" on energy and on the energy chart, the person becomes happier. This is a direct feedback response from the energy body - it tells us through our emotions when it is happy, or unhappy.

The higher you are on the energy chart, the happier/stronger/luckier/more successful/more powerful you become.

The lower you are on the energy chart, the unhappier/weaker/unluckier/less powerful you become.

This is the basic structure, but there is something that throws a spanner in the works and has confused people since the dawn of humanity.


The Black Magic Power System

At around -7, when the energy body becomes critically low on energy, an "emergency system" kicks in that provides a huge power boost for a short time.

This is a survival system that allows a zebra that has been caught by a lion to throw a last final tantrum to save itself.

It is an "energy tantrum" like you see in a toddler who has been wailing and whining for a long time, and then "freaks out completely" and throws a scary strop.

You see that in people who have "anger management" problems - they are usually always grumpy but something happens and they "fire off" and throw that tantrum which is the emergency system at -7 kicking into action.

This explosive energy seems very powerful and can feel very powerful too. A feature of this emergency energy is that there are no morals, no scruples, no love and no thoughts of the past, or the future - it's pure action to be used as a last resort.

It is this emergency power that the Black Magic people call upon to make their powerful spells.

This has serious problems, but for now let us understand this basic principle.


The Black Magic VS White Magic Core Principle

  • White magic adds energy to create a transformation to a higher level of evolution.
  • Black magic takes energy away to create chaos, destruction, disruption and to bring systems down to lower states.

White magic VS Black Magic diagram

  • White magic is a movement up the energy chart; black magic is a movement down the energy chart.

Which is more powerful - black magic or white magic?

It's the power burst at -7 that draws the "powerless" and "power hungry" people in the wrong direction.

  • Black magic is generally used by unhappy people.

When you are on the wrong side of Zero, in the negatives, you have negative emotions. You feel angry, sad, miserable, in pain. That's the energy body trying to get attention. It needs energy (the energy body needs to eat!) by sending negative emotions as the feedback signal, just as the empty stomach sends hunger pangs that get more and more painful, the hungrier you are. If a person doesn't get fed, eventually the hunger pangs turn into a dull pain that won't go away, and it's the same with people's energy body and its emotions.

People who are constantly low on energy and live on the wrong side of Zero, in the negatives, are also usually clumsy as their body is affected; their mind is effected and doesn't work clearly; their energy minds are disturbed which can cause paranoia and schizophrenia, and other people don't like to be around them, so they are also unpopular.

This creates a feedback loop for low energy people and makes them power hungry, angry, vengeful - it's the perfect pattern for any anti-hero.

When you are in the negatives, the power boost at -7 becomes ever more attractive. To reach that power boost, you now have to make a bad situation even worse. You've got to somehow become even angrier, even more distraught, even more paranoid, vengeful and hateful - and eventually, there is breakthrough into the single minded clarity of the emergency power state where you feel powerful and all of a sudden you have energy you can use to throw around at will.

This will most certainly make you more powerful than the average muppet who are stuck around the -4, caught up in confusion and endless self doubt; and to create chaos, misery and suffering for others from the emergency energy state is not just easy, it's natural. The emergency generator turns the meek little sheep into a fighting machine to take on the lion, just for a short time ...


The Problems With Black Magic

Black magic and the use of the emergency energy has serious problems and many repercussions.

In other words, it's not a good idea if you're after a long and happy life, and potentially, an exciting afterlife.

The first problem is not one of good and evil, but simply systemic - you cannot sustain the emergency energy state for very long. It was designed for short outbursts as a last resort, and it burns out very quickly, leaving the system in utter exhaustion.

Black magic takes its toll; every time the emergency system is activated, the crash that happens afterwards is deeper and lasts longer before the person's energy body can recover.

This is pretty much exactly the same process as we find with alcohol hangovers. Young people recover quickly; but the longer it goes on, the longer it takes to recover and the more severe the symptoms become. Old people tell young people that drinking binges are not good for them, but young people don't believe them because their young, strong systems can still take it and it seems they're getting away with it.

The other major problem with black magic spells and black magic in general is that the emergency state is very short sighted.

It is really only about instant survival; there is no consideration of the repercussions of the actions over time. For example, a man who loses his temper and enters into that emergency state can beat his children and there is not a thought of what will happen because of that. There is no thought about going to jail, about losing the children, about the children growing up badly or even dying and not growing up at all, and how he would feel about that in the future.

This is the same principle in black magic, There is no awareness of the potential repercussions and the harm this will cause in the long run, not only to the victims, but to the black magician themselves.

Essentially, black magic is trading in a fortune in the future for a burger, right now.

And that's why black magicians are never satisfied, remain unhappy, unpopular, unloved and miserable, and the more black magic they do, the worse this gets over time.


How White Magic Power Works

White Magic Girl

White magic, on the other hand, is also looking for a massive power boost - but it's not the emergency generator at -7, but the full lighting up of the energy body's power at +10.

When the energy body really lights up, the amount of power that is generated is near enough shocking and will blow the short sighted emergency power of the black magician out of the water, every time.

A +10 is also a true enlightenment experience and transforms the white magician to the next stage of their own evolution. I don't want to bring souls and the afterlife into this too much, but it is my assertion that the soul needs high energy experiences to evolve to be strong enough to take wing upon physical demise.

So here is Black Magic Vs White Magic in brief.


Black Magic Vs White Magic In Brief

  • Black magic is attractive to people who are already on the minus side of the energy body chart. They are, for the most part, unaware how easy it is to bring up energy levels to the positive side because this knowledge has been kept away from people since time immemorial. They are angry and hurt and feel powerless, and it seems easy and natural to dip down even further and experience that power explosion which happens when the emergency generators kick in at -7.


  • Black magic is about taking energy away and bringing other systems down. Again, this makes perfect sense because the black magic people are low on energy, energy hungry or "power hungry" as the term may go. I would make the note that being hungry for energy doesn't mean someone is a bad person - it literally just means they are in need of energy. They did not receive enough energy (love) and they live in desperate starvation conditions. Hungry people have no morals. It's one of those things.


  • White magic is about giving energy to systems in order to uplift them, and thereby change them. White magicians are people who are mostly on the positive side of the energy chart, and therefore have energy left over they can give. I sum this up with the phrase "The more you have, the more you have to give."


  • Engaging in white magic is an uplifting spiral. Every +10 event is transformative, and even attempts to raise energy empowers the energy body, leading to more power, obviously, but also the other side effects of becoming more attractive and attracting more energy quite naturally. This seems terribly unfair, but the way it works is that the people with the most get the most.

In short, black magic is the movement down the energy chart, and white magic is the movement up the energy chart.


White Magic Is The Future

Here on MSAP, all the spells and articles are designed to utilize the enormous power - a power that gets stronger and stronger without damaging the magician in the process! - on the positive side of the energy chart.

White magic is far more powerful than black magic and it's nowhere near as difficult as we have been taught.

You don't have to be a nice person, or a happy person to start using white magic. The more power hungry you are, the more white magic will fill your hunger whilst black magic will make you hungrier and hungrier - and there's no end to it.

The more angry, bitter and depressed a person is, the more they need LOVE - the original white light, of which everything else such as joy, and ecstacy, and romance, happiness, luck, faith and hope, certainty and confidence are aspects of the rainbow.

This is not some religious belief, it's simple and systemic.

Understanding the energy body chart, and understanding that every person can be anywhere on that chart, depending on what's been happening to them, ends the idea that some people are just good, or evil.

Understanding that every single one of us has their -10 and +10 moments, and everything in between, and that's life, is a great truth and reconnects us not just to other people, but to all the different people each one of us becomes as we go through life.

Understanding that we can't improve our condition by creating ever more chaos and insanity is a first and important step.

Everyone - even black magicians! - hunger for clarity, for love and logic.

That is not found in temper tantrums, revenge fantasies, paranoia and delusions of grandeur.

Deep down, everyone knows this.

What not everyone knows yet, but I wish that they did, is that you are not forsaken, no matter how angry you are, no matter what you've done or who you've been.

Everyone has an energy body, and that energy body is fluid and flexible. It is mysterious and especially the highest power states of +7 and above are completely unexplored. They exist for everyone, even for people who have been living in pain and misery all their lives. If that is you, seek energy healing for your energy body. It has miraculous powers of recovery; it is like a whole town that is waiting to light up and come to life, if the energy is switched on and a few flaws in the wiring have been repaired.

The +10 is real for everyone, but you have to turn that way and go towards it, to start a movement towards the power of the light, as it were.

We have been told that there is this huge battle going on between the darkness and the light, and that the darkness is winning.

This is total bullshit. It's in essence a fairy tale to frighten the people into low energy states where they can't think for themselves any longer and become disempowered and easy to control.

There is only light, and the absence of light.

There is only energy, and the absence of energy.

The presence of energy feels good and empowers, and the absence of energy feels bad and disempowers, creates angry, hateful people.

Every person has a birthright to experience their own true power - and that can be found nowhere else but at their own personal +10.

Make your own power your goal. Make +10 your goal. That's where real power lives, and nowhere else.

With best wishes,


March 2016



Black Magic Power System | Black Magic VS White Magic Core Principle | The Problems With Black Magic | How White Magic Power Works | Black Magic Vs White Magic In Brief | White Magic Is The Future

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