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Easter Magic - Magic Spells For Easter, Imbolc and Oestara

Easter Magic - Magic Spells For Easter, Imbolc and Oestara

In the natural magic calendar, the spring festival is aligned with the spring equinox, around March 21st, called Imbolc. It is the day in spring when the nights and days are the exact same length. The original "Easter" festival was related to Oestara, the goddess of dawn, Eos in Greek and the much older Babylonian Ishtar, the goddess of sex, war and fertility. The Christians liked to assimilate the existing festivals and now we have Easter, but the traditional magic ofย  giving each other eggs is bigger today than ever; and of course, we all know what bunnies are particularly well known for! Here are some ideas for energy magic spells for Easter, including the rather fabulous Easter Bunch or Osterstrauch tradition which is excellent for families and a great magic exercise for kids.

Magic Eggs for Easter Magic Spells & Rituals page

Imagine for a moment you were a human being at the end of the ice age. Winters were tough, really tough. You hung out in caves and ate mostly meat and things that kept, such as nuts and grains, but that was running low. Now spring is coming; the first shoots of green appear and one day, one of the teenagers is coming back from a foraging trip and they've found the very first egg of the season!


Imagine the excitement! The eggcitement!!

Try and get a sense how PRECIOUS that was, and who would this person give the egg to?

Obviously someone they loved immensely and held more dear than anyone else, that much is clear.

Indeed, we could imagine that an egg was given to a girl; that's a practical Valentine's card, far more precious and also meaningful beyond romance.

So the first thing we always do with energy magic is to get a feeling, a sense, of what is happening here so we can align ourselves with it, understand it, FEEL IT, make sense of magic and why our ancestors did the things they did. This is gives us a guide to make modern magic sensible, practical, powerful and interesting.

Magic Eggs for Easter Magic Spells & Rituals page


The Magic Egg

The egg itself is a massive metaphor and a very, very magical thing.

It's like a stone but there is life inside; it's like a seed but instead of a plant, a living being comes out of it.

The egg is a truly magical metamorphosis from one thing into another.

Egg magic - the magic golden egg

Giving someone an egg as a present is a gift of love and potential, prosperity, sexual fertility and fertility in the widest metaphorical sense - fertile fields, a fertile mind that brings forth amazing new ideas, a fertile business like an orchard that produces so much fruit. It's an amazing gift when given AND RECEIVED with awareness of the blessings that are given here.

That is the real deal with energy magic; that's it in nutshell, or in an egg shell as the case may be here. When we put our energy and attention into something, anything can become extremely magical and will have effects in the so called "real world" which I prefer to call the hard.

Q: Does this work with shop bought Easter Eggs?

A: Yes it does when it's done right; if you look for the right Easter Egg, sense for the one that would be the best to give to someone and have this be a blessing of ultimate prosperity and fertility and love.

You want to hand it over right. I know a woman who buys stacks of those big Easter Eggs, buy one get one free, and literally chucks them still in the plastic bag from the shop where they were bought at the kids, there you go, eat the chocolate, be grateful and now f*** off.

That's how not to do it.

Think about the person, kid or adult, you are buying the Easter Egg for. Match the egg to that person and what they want out of life; THINK about them. Hold the egg to your heart, make wishes for them, think of blessings for them, and seal the Easter Egg with a kiss. Now you have a magical object that may look the same as all the other factory produced Easter Eggs but on the invisible energetic levels, you have created a powerful artefact that the person will EAT - those blessing become a part of their very structure, and a huge magic deal has been done.

When it comes to handing over the gift, handle your Easter Egg with how precious this is in mind, body and spirit. Say a few words about your good blessings and good wishes for Easter to the recipient; make it heart felt, make it count. It really doesn't matter if the recipient "believes in magic" - they'll eat the chocolate, the blessings will "go in."

However, if you give this gift to a magical person, or any person who has kind of common sense, their eyes will light up, they will smile or show in other ways that they understand and are very grateful for your energy and attention.

If you receive aย  magic Easter Egg, then of course it makes every sense to open it up and eat it mindfully from your end to get the very best of the blessings and energies here.

Think about what you want to grow in your life, what you want to transform, transmute, evolve from the egg stage into a living being. This can be an idea, a plan, something you wanted to do for a long time but felt you needed more support - TAKE from the magic egg all it has to give to you.

It is extraordinary how a bit of intention and energy literally transforms and transmutes the most seemingly mundane activities, such as buying, giving and eating commercial Easter Eggs.

Magic Eggs for Easter Magic Spells & Rituals page

The Easter Bunch - The Magic Osterstrauch

This is a a folk magic tradition from Middle Europe as old as the hills; I used to love this when I was a child.

Firstly, you need to collect some eggs and "blow them out."

This is done by making two small holes in the top and bottom of a fresh egg, inserting a piece of wire to stir up the innards, then blowing into the egg to blow all the contents out.

Now you have an egg that will keep forever unless damaged and which has two handy holes in it so you can string it up.

You can decorate the egg to your heart's content.

Next, you go out and pick some branches and twigs of bushes which have buds. By bringing them indoors where it is warm, these will begin to open "magically" when you put them in water after a few days, so bringing spring itself into the home.

You hang the eggs from the branches and voila - there is your magic Easter Bunch or Osterstrauch.

 hang the eggs from the branches and voila - there is your magic Easter Bunch or Osterstrauch.

You can ramp up the magic for this by decorating the eggs in all sorts of different ways.

The eggs can be wishes, one each, and you can choose colours and all sorts of symbols to express your personality and your personal desires for the year ahead.

If you are new to magic, here is a handy color magic chart to help you pick colours for eggs.

You can write words on them, draw symbols on them, write wishes on little pieces of paper, roll them up and put them inside.

You can also stick little diamonds on them, glue ribbons onto them - there really is no end what you can do in the magic egg decoration department.

When it's done, an Easter Bunch is a really powerful totem and an energy magic installation which changes the energy in your home.

Put it in a proud and central place where people can admire it. Talk about it, that strengthens it further.

Q: How long do I keep the Easter Bunch up and what do I do with it afterwards?

You keep it until the twigs and their new leaves and flowers start to look a little tired.

Take the magic eggs off and put them into a box, carefully wrapped with paper, for next year. Next year, you can get them out, review them, keep some and discard some and make some new ones. Some people throw them all away at the end so they have a complete fresh start next year. Some people keep them and they become like family heirlooms. Take the twigs back out into nature and leave them somewhere with a thank you for their good services; alternatively, you can dry them and burn them at a later date.

Magic Eggs for Easter Magic Spells & Rituals page

Magic Easter Egg Hunt

Children love an Easter Egg hunt; and with a little bit of magic in mind, we can transform what can seem a very mundane and chocolate orientated activity into a real magical event.

You can add some stickers to the eggs with energy magic gifts such as luck, love, success, happiness and so forth (there's a list of some positive energy forms here); that's so simple and really lifts the excitement as the children compare the eggs they've found, and may even trade them.

Having children sense where the eggs are hidden, using their sixth sense can be great fun, and an adult magic Easter Egg hunt becomes great fun when you do that. You can also use a pendulum or a dowsing rod to discover the whereabouts of the eggs.

There are lots of other activities, such as colouring eggs you eat for breakfast, drawing an egg shape on a big piece of paper and everyone gets to write their wishes inside or colour it in; making an egg charm from modelling materials or salt dough; as with the potential of the magic egg metaphor, the sky's the limit with egg magic.

Magic Painting: The 11 Mysterious Flying Eggs by StarFields

Magic Painting: The 11 Mysterious Flying Eggs, SFX 2004


Magic Symbol Egg, featuring The Genius Symbols by SFX

Magic Symbol Egg featuring The Genius Symbols by StarFields 2010

And as a final note.

Once you've tapped into the "magic of the egg," egg eating will never be quite the same again. All eggs are magical things; they've become cheap and mundane to us in the 21st century and that's such a shame.

The egg is pure potential, not just at Easter time, and therefore a powerful, primal magical symbol you can use at any time when evolutionary change is required.


Magic Eggs for Easter Magic Spells & Rituals page


Happy Easter, Happy Spring, and a wonderfully prosperous, fertile year to all,


March 2012


Small Magic Egg in purple


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