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Doctor Or Healer?

Doctor Or Healer?
Lorimar writes: I have tried to get into medical school and was unsuccessul. I feel like maybe it was because I feel like I have all this weight or negativity around me from my past that is holding me back as well as self doubt building within me. What kind of spell should I do to help me acheive my goal of getting over these obstacles and get into medical school the next time I apply?

Hi Lorimar.

I would suggest two things.

Firstly, to be clear that your soul wants you in medical school in the first place; a lot of people get being a medical doctor (or a psychologist) mixed up with being born to be a HEALER and you can imagine the chaos, confusion, long term unhappiness and job dissatisfaction that would cause!

Secondly, I would suggest you get watch the introduction to Modern Energy here:


Wishing that would find your perfect path,


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