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Bad Luck For The Hacker ...

Bad Luck For The Hacker ...

What kind of an idiot hacks a site that belongs to a WITCH? Does "Voyage Into Voodoo" not ring any bells of warning? You might well ask! Find out what curse I sent him, and the other site news - new downloads, features and if you're not a hacker, a blessing at the end!

Bad Luck For The Hacker ...

What kind of an idiot hacks a site that belongs to a WITCH? Does "Voyage Into Voodoo" not ring any bells of warning? You might well ask! Some MUPPET hacked this site good and proper the other day. He spend a lot of time on this - but unfortunately for him, my tech staff and my personal demon guards are on duty, and sleeplessly watch over Magic Spells And Potions 24-7.

After all of his effort, within fifteen minutes the site was restored and made safe - most visitors never even noticed that anything happened at all.

Now I'm a kindly kind of a person, not that easily angered, and I'm not angry now, just annoyed. There are a lot of dubious sex sites, porn sites and hate sites that might want to have a good old hack, but why choose one like this? Stupidity is really something I can't abide, so I have sent a whole flock of bitchy gremlins to our friend the hacker. Nothing serious, but an ongoing and continuous stream of tiny annoyances. "If it can go wrong, it will go wrong" kind of thing.

And this ongoing stream of bad luck will continue until I receive an apology and the hacking stops for good.

So shall it be.


Shooting Past The One Million Visitors

Wow - we do get some traffic, don't we! The Millionth Visitor competition was great, and thank you to all who entered. The winner of the magic wand from Whirlwood was a witch from the USA who was really delighted. A happy occasion all around!

The next anniversary is coming up in May - Magic Spells & Potions will be three years old. Doesn't time pass when you're having fun? I still remember installing the portal on a very beautiful day in May in the sunshine and wondering how it would fare. I don't think I knew it would fare THAT well - but that's due to you too, dear visitors!

Something that everyone - witch or no witch! - should have a look at is the "Why Magic?" responses from the Millionth Hit Competition. It's wonderful and a wonderful reminder as to why we are here and doing this in the first place.

Highly recommended - click here to put a smile on your face and some focus back into your energy system.


New Content Database For ASK SFX Spells

On the bright side, we have now a new integrated "ASK SFX" content database so you can find all the spells visitors have requested and I've deemed suitable for public consumption.

We also have a really nice new addition - a wishing well.


Welcome To Our New Wishing Well

This wishing well was made with great care and thought behind the scenes by a couple of focussed witches working in unison. This is a virtual well, but wishing well beings are energetic in nature just the same and the well has been activated for all its worth.

So by all means, wish away! The first wish I placed after it was officially installed on the site was that the wishes should be heard, and answered. Very nice!


Metaphysical Gallery Restored

We had some problems with the metaphysical images gallery which have now been resolved and you can view the images again. If any of you would like to contribute a sequence of images, by all means let me know.


New Downloads

Have you visited the Downloads section recently? We have a couple of new arrivals.

One is the very interesting Rare Herbs and Vegetables Cook Book, 4th edition from 1919. It comes with a safety warning as it discusses quite dangerous herbs, flowers, vegetables, mushrooms and their various uses - which makes it always more interesting, doesn't it.

There is also a nice energy magic screen saver to relax, de-stress and become more positive. Check it out in the Misc Programmes section!


That's all for now, folks.

Thank you for visiting and the feedback.

Do let me know what you would like to see on the site, what you would like to see more of.

I would like to continue improving Magic Spells & Potions over time so it becomes a really outstanding place to visit.

Champagne sparkling blessings to your days and nights!


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