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What I LOVE About MAGIC!

What I LOVE About MAGIC!

Why are people (old and young, from near and far) interested in magic? What do they find exciting and what are they looking to find in the study of magic? Here are some very personal answers for us to reflect upon and enjoy - and inspire us, too!

*There is a lot of magic in this article - energy, in other words. Just reading it makes me tingle, every time. Well worth seeing/reading/doing (again, and again).

What I Love About Magic ...

  • Endless possibility and potential. The ability to make my and others lives better.
  • I like how it can help people in their daily life.
  • Feeling in control about my life, the destination and the journey!
  • What I love about magic: The possibilities, and the hope.
  • The ways in which I can improve...myself!
  • Magic is a fun way to enchance your life and very practical and helpful.
  • What don't I love about magic? I just like being connected with God, Goddess, and the wonder of all.
  • The unexpected things that happen.
  • I love tthe million of possibilities in my hand, the infinite creation available to the one who listens.
  • I Think Magic Is The Gift Given By God For Well Helping Everyone, I Helped My Friends With It And I Really Want To Help Other With It.
  • The fact that magic can make anything possible.
  • What I love about magic: the real possibility of miracles.
  • The united energy from shared spells boost, answer and clarity.
  • It's mind blowing the things the mind can not see and it's right in front of you. Magic is amazing.
  • What I love about magic: the connection between all things of nature and myself reacting together as one.
  • The thing that excites me the most about magic is being able to tap into the part of the mind we do not use everyday and being able to use that to make positive changes.
  • I enjoy doing it just for that look on that other persons face when they tell me how things are so much better for them and of course I love magic for mysteries yet to be revealed!
  • All my life I've loved magic.
  • What I love about magic: deep contact with nature.
  • What excites me the most is how people think magic is fake and how everyone is blessed with the magic ability but forgets about it.
  • The thing that excites me most about magick is that anything could happen as you do a spell even the most experienced Witches and Wizards will experience surprises.
  • I love how magic can comfort you when your sad or lonely and how it can help you through times when you are in a real bad state.
  • What I love about magic: SPELLS and ENERGY ...
  • Magic makes me feel like I belong that I'm not just another face in the crowd.
  • Helping others. I love the feeling you get when you have truly helped someone who so desperately needed it.
  • What I love about magic: the unknowing where it can lead.
  • I have been interested in magic for many years but did not completely understand it but now that I am a bit older I have been practicing. It's something I can control that's why I love magic.
  • The fact is that magic is all around us and most people are to busy to take it to mind, also how it has no limits and anyone can tap into their own power.
  • What I love about magic: The concept to believe that anything is possible.
  • When I watched Harry Potter I wished I got the letter to Hogwarts School when I was 11 years old.
  • What I love about magic: Its magic!
  • The fact that the possibilities are endless.... magic is just so.....magical!!
  • What I love about magic: the fact that I know I can obtain powers inside me.
  • What I love about magic: the ability to work with the forces. For me in a very positive nature. To learn how and when to ask for help and receive it. To be able to help others with their permission. I want to learn so much. The UNKNOWN can be so powerful.
  • What I love about magic: The possibility of there being forces of that much power and beauty is incredible.
  • The beauty and elegance that comes with holding a wand and chanting a spell.
  • What I love about magic: The fact that no one knows you've done magic !!!
  • The art of magic itself excites me. All things unknown and mystical. Every detail leading up to the actual magic. From rituals, to spells, meditation, to the magic accomplished within.
  • What I love about magic: the symbols and the thrill of it all!
  • What I love about magic: Everything! It brings me joy to know that I have learned and heard so much. Even now I am still learning the new basic spells and I am delighted to know just how far I have gotten with everything dealing with magic and secrets of just about anything.
  • The feeling you get when you hold all the power of being able to do anything and knowing that you aren't powerless anymore. The feeling of freedom.
  • What I love about magic: The limitless possibilities.
  • The possibility that there is so much more to this world than meets the eye, magic makes this journey all the more worth while and exciting.
  • What excites me most about magic is that it is a way of re-connecting to the world(s).
  • I can change my world and the people in it.
  • What I love about magic: the fact that I can help the world and my friends and family.
  • The experience that our spoken intentions harness energy and manifest themselves, in their own timeframes.
  • What I love about magic: the way it can help to protect an heal people and objects.
  • It excites me that there is so much imagination that comes with the ultimate, almighty term "Magic"
  • I think the thing that Excited me about Magic is the special powers and spells and potions and being able to do things for yourself and also for other people in need.
  • What I love about magic: The whole thing is just so very fascinating ...
  • I am just learning, and am deeply moved by all the wonders of magic.
  • Like gravity and air the effects of magick are powerful even though unseen to the untrained mind, magic to me is the power that makes the world spin, the wind blow, and the flowers grow, the only force that tuly hides its self behind its own truth, thats what excites me about magic.
  • What I love about magic: The way the rhythm clears the energy when I repeat e.g. .....I now let you go and flowing through me. Magic has worked miracles literally for me.
  • What I love about magic: the feeling of knowing you're not crazy.
  • What excites me most about magic is that anything I used to think was impossible can happen with my magic energies inside me that I finally realized has always been there.
  • What I love about magic: Helping people for the greater good! I'm glad to be a witch and will never give up my powers. Its so fun to do. I love magic! It may not help you with everything but it sure as hell can be an excitement!
  • What I love about magic: it shows my power.
  • I love about magic that it is an everyday mind, body and spirit feeling. Its loving life in the flow of magic and living magically during the flow of life.
  • What I love about magic: Feeling & working with the natural elements of the earth.
  • Magic can be fun and it is exciting - the mystical world is an enjoyable and fascinating place to be.
  • What I love about magic: The feeling of peace after a ritual. I feel calm and at peace with my surroundings, my life. I know I am capable of effecting change for the better to help myself cope with life's unexpected surprises.
  • I love the magick of synchronicity.
  • What I love about magic: The opportunity to change my life, change my destiny, to change the thing to good. The life is so flexive so we can modulate it in the way we need, and the magic is the "one" that helps us.
  • You can understand what you want and know more about yourself ...
  • The ability and resources to do something positive and life-changing.
  • What I love about magic: The brilliance of it all! Magic, and the Universe... It's all so beautiful!


What I Love About Magic ...

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