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New Year Spell

New Year Spell

Here is a new New Year's Spell/Ritual which really is quite magical on many levels. Giving the base pattern for the New Year Spell plus various ideas how to personalise it, do it with or without ingredients, alone or in a coven etc.

The base pattern used in this New Year's Spell can be used for many other purposes of wish fulfilment (wishing spell), goal setting, reality creating, healing and other magical & pure energy magic appplications. Happy New Year to all!

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Magic Astrology with ShadowFae: What's In The Stars September 2011

Magic Astrology with ShadowFae: What's In The Stars September 2011

Magic Astro - Days to watch for your star sign September 2011, Celtic Tree Of The Month, Void of Course Moon Schedule for September 2011, Magic Astrology Forecast for September, day by day.

What have the stars in store for us this month ...?

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Magic Sun Phases

Magic Sun Phases

Folk in magic and especially beginners tend to obsess about following the tradition of doing certain types of work at certain beneficial times of the various natural cycles within which we exist. Unlike the more complex astrological, moon, year or day/month cycles, sun phases are actually far more basic, more powerful, and sun phases are easy to remember and very clearly natural.

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Magical Astrology with ShadowFae: Star Transits For August 2011

Magical Astrology with ShadowFae: Star Transits For August 2011

Welcome to our new Magical Astrology column with intuitive psychic medium and magical astrologer Sherry MacBeth aka ShadowFae. Sherry writes:

The Astrological Sky in August is strong, beautiful, and determined! August starts off with Mercury entering its retrograde cycle from August 2nd till the 26th. We start off in hard-working Virgo and then move backwards into playful Leo. So August is going to be a good time to take a step back from the chaos of the outside world and make time to play, do a clear out, make preparations for the coming autumn. We also have a good energy for home improvements, family tasks, and paying attention to our emotional needs as Mars moves through Cancer starting August 3rd and up till September 18th.

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